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At home? Here's how you can use Tripping.com to turn your day-to-day life into a cultural adventure:

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Connect with Travelers

Every day travelers are visiting your city for the first time. They're excited to be there and you can hitch a ride on their travel high by showing them around, swapping stories over coffee and offering tips about what to do in your hometown. You'll have fun and your life will quickly become more colorful, cultural and interesting. It's sorta like traveling without ever packing a bag.

Host Travelers

If you want a truly rich experience, hosting travelers is the best way to learn about other cultures. Whether you cook dinner together or stay up late talking, you'll have a real opportunity to get to know each other. Plus, the more friends you have around the world, the more places you'll have to stay when you travel. Just imagine - if you host a student from Italy this week, you could be riding through Rome on the back of her vespa this time next year. Fantastico!

Build Your Local Community

Tripping.com is a great way to meet fellow travel lovers in your area. If you're an expat, you can also tap into the local expat community so that you can connect with others who are going through a similar assimilation experience. Search directly for members or check out our City Networks to start connecting with your neighbors today.

Get Started - Embark On A Cultural Adventure!

If you're ready to start meeting and hosting travelers, simply login into your profile and change your hosting status to Yes! You can find more information about how to have safe and rewarding hosting experiences in our TripSafe Center and be sure to check out our Top 10 Reasons To Host.

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