Virginia Beach is conveniently located within easy driving distance of small towns and communities in Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. Whether you crave unique adventures on the beach, in a valley, on a mountain, or underground, each of these states offers numerous delightful and beautiful attractions. Book a stay at one of many Virginia Beach vacation rentals to be situated close to quaint cities and villages. Check out the seven best weekend getaway spots from Virginia Beach.

1. Luray, Virginia

Luray is a place that lets you select your level of adventure, literally. Climb the mountain before you, or go beneath it to experience the enchanting world of the Luray Caverns. The world’s largest musical instrument sits within the depths of the caverns. The Great Stalacpipe Organ uses mallets to strike stalactites that produce musical tones that ring throughout the cavern. Other attractions include the toy museum, gem sluicing, a half-mile garden maze, and a rope adventure park. Find some comfort food and cocktails at the Speakeasy Bar & Restaurant, or opt for upscale dining at Moonshadows Restaurant. At about four hours driving time from home, return trips let you choose diverse Luray vacation rentals from tree-houses to chalets for your weekend getaways.

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2. Stewartstown, Pennsylvania

A little over four hours from Virginia Beach, quirky surprises in Stewartstown, Pennsylvania include a quaint vintage train ride and a hex house. Stewartstown Railroad sightseeing train rides feature “Mighty Mo,” a small-but-mighty 1943 switcher locomotive that pulls passenger cars through the picturesque forests and meadows of Deer Creek Valley. Check out Rehmeyer’s Hollow, also called the Hex House, a historical exhibit where you can learn about a Pennsylvania Dutch “Pow Wow Doctor” named Nelson Rehmeyer. Local eateries include Taylor Haus Family Restaurant and Stewartstown Smokehouse And Beer Barn specialize in comfort foods and family-friendly dining.

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3. Dayton, Virginia

Making the three-and-a-half hour trip to Dayton reveals a geological formation that’s rare in Virginia: Mole Hill, a volcano near the James River. One of the youngest volcanoes on the eastern seaboard, it was active about 47 million years ago. After you take photos and explore, the Dayton Market shops await you back in town. This Shenandoah Valley landmark is a diverse community of almost 20 specialty shops that include food, crafts, collectibles, and keepsakes. Another interesting spot to browse, Braithwaite Studios & Cafe is a glass-art gallery that features gifts and decor housed with a cafe and coffee shop.

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4. Buckingham, Virginia

The reason to make Buckingham your vacation destination is to spend a day at Yogaville, the site of an oasis of peace where you can relax in a rural setting. Tour the beautiful Light Of Truth Universal Shrine–LOTUS–where people of all faiths may spend time in meditation. Share vegetarian meals, participate in yoga classes, join chanting groups, or simply strike out on your own to enjoy the hiking and walking trails. The three-hour drive northwest from Virginia Beach means you’re close enough for additional weekend getaways in your choice of Buckingham vacation rentals. Restaurants, including Mexican, American, and Italian cuisines, are about 10 minutes away, located along the James Madison Highway.

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5. Fenwick Island, Delaware

Enjoy coastal vacation destinations while escaping the big city simply by driving about three hours up the coast to Fenwick Island, Delaware. It’s more like beach getaways of yesteryear without the condos and party atmosphere. Fenwick Island State Park features a three-mile relaxing escape that feels light-years away from the crowds and noise. A fun attraction is the Discoversea Shipwreck Museum, which you enter through a little shell shop. On the second floor, the museum exhibits include over 10,000 shipwreck and natural artifacts pulled from the ocean floor by divers. Locals say that Jimmy’s Kitchen dishes up the best breakfast on the island, and you’re within a couple of miles of Ocean City, Maryland when you want to go out for fine dining.

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6. Bear Creek, North Carolina

Muster up your courage for the four-hour trek to Bear Creek, North Carolina, home of the infamous Devil’s Tramping Ground. Locals obligingly direct you to the clearing in the woods, off the main road. The dusty 15-foot circle appears unassuming until you listen to the stories that it’s where the devil dances at night. Part of the fun of an overnight visit here is to put an object in the circle, as legend says the devil will throw it out. You return the next day to see if your object is outside the circle. When you eat at Elois’ Restaurant or Brewer’s Grill, feel free to ask questions about the legend. Less frightening, the big cats at Carolina Tiger Rescue are quite real, and beautiful. The compound is only 20 minutes away, in Pittsboro.

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7. Monkton, Maryland

Toss the duffel bags in the car and head north to find Monkton vacation rentals in Maryland’s horse country. As you roll into the community at the end of your four-hour drive, Michael’s Pizza makes a great stop to pick up a quick lunch or dinner. Veggie Esperanto serves chef-prepared vegetarian cuisine, and feature yoga classes to promote the mind-body health philosophy. Mingle with the locals as you enjoy traditional American cuisine and local wines at the Manner Tavern. For something really different, tour Millstone Cellars and sit in for tastings of their cider, cyser, and mead brews. Ladew Topiary Gardens delightfully combine nature and art to recreate an entire English Fox hunt in which hunters, horses, and dogs, chase the fox, all skillfully sculpted in green shrubbery. Over 200 acres include 15 areas, each devoted to specific themes, feature fountains and pools that are surrounded by shrubbery sculptures shaped to look like an English castle and grounds.

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