Waskesiu Lake lies in the heart of Prince Albert National Park in Saskatchewan, Canada. The lake is enormous, and therefore is a perfect place to go to enjoy boating, swimming, and other water sports. Surrounded by vast wilderness, it also offers close access to the delights of nature, making it a hiker’s paradise. Opt for a vacation rental on Waskesiu Lake in order to be within close reach of a range of family activities. During your stay, here are the ten best family activities for you to enjoy together.

1. Take a Boat on the Water

If you’re at Waskesiu Lake, the first thing you need to do is grab a boat and take the family out on the water. Bring your family boat and dock it at the Public Marina and Sunset Bay Resort, or rent one at Waskesiu Marina Adventure Centre. If you want to enjoy the lake uninterrupted, go on a scenic boat tour.

2. Play Water Sports

Between bouts of boating, strap on the water skis and go for a ride, or take the kids tubing. If your family is more adventurous, opt for barefoot skiing or windsurfing. Go for the easy, simple solution on those long, hot afternoons, and opt for swimming at Trippes Beach, Paignton Beach, and Point View.

3. Go Hiking

Because Waskesiu Lake lies in Prince Albert National Park, you have plenty of hiking trails from which to choose. There are 21 trails around the lake from the Valleyview Lookout Trail, an easy 20-minute nature walk that’s perfect for small children, to the two-day West Side Boundary Trail. The latter boasts a scenic panorama of grasslands, meadows, and forests.

4. Cycling

There are nearly as many cycling trails for your bike-riding family as there are hiking trails. Take your kids on a scenic ride and expend that extra energy at the Elk Trail, a 24-mile experience, or the one-mile Freight Tait Springs Trail for those with little legs.

5. Horseback Riding

Teach your kids to handle large animals and explore nature by horseback riding. The equestrian trails range from nine to 24 miles to suit your family’s specific equine expertise and give your children a unique adventure during vacation. A multitude of stables and horse tour guides are available.

6. Wildlife Watching

Wildlife is prevalent in Saskatchewan, Waskesiu Canada from the bison that your kids can view while exploring the Bison Trails via (on foot, bike or horseback) to the otters and elk that are easy to view via kayak. Bears, foxes, beavers, rabbits, and deer all call this area home.

7. Birding

Some of the lake’s most spectacular wildlife travels with wings. Grab a bird field guide and a pair of binoculars, and teach your children about all the birds that roost around the lake. The 243 local species vary from the red-necked grebe that lives exclusively in the water on floating nests to songbirds that populate Treebeard Trail.

8. Sitting on Red Chairs

Waskesiu Lake and Prince Albert National Park are populated by red chairs, conveniently placed at some of the most scenic locations. Take a break from hiking or biking, relax in the chairs, and take some family selfies. Then, take the opportunity to enjoy a picnic lunch among the outdoors.

9. Geocaching

Geocaching is like a treasure hunt with the twist of using GPS coordinates instead of vague clues. Get in touch with nature, and help your children appreciate the outdoors by going on a geocaching adventure and looking for the buried treasure. There are several geocache and earth cache hunts from which to choose.

10. Enjoy Winter Sports

Waskesiu Lake is just as enjoyable for a winter getaway as a summer vacation. Swap out fishing for ice fishing, trade water skis for snow skis, and choose dog sledding over ATV riding. Make a change to typical hiking by going snowshoeing instead. You can experience something new while basking in the beauty of a winter wonderland.

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