Most people plan to take vacations in the summer, because that’s when everyone else does it too. However, traveling during the fall is actually one of the best times to go. You can save on vacation rentals and tourist attractions, and you can also visit some fall activities that you might not be able to see during a different time of the year.

This fall, add a winery or two to your travel itinerary. Fall is the perfect time to visit a winery because you’ll be able to enjoy the views and tastings in a cool breeze with a gorgeous view of the leaves changing colors. Rather than going when it’s too hot or too cold, see which winery would make a perfect vacation spot for you this fall.

1. Ridge Vineyards Lytton Springs, CA

This is a great winery to visit if you’re a history buff. The Ridge Vineyards Lytton Springs winery has been running since 1885, and still features the original structure built into the side of a mountain on three different levels. Tour the vineyard and sip on some world renowned wine straight from the vineyard. Afterwards you won’t need to travel far, since there are plenty of vacation rentals to choose from.

2. Barboursville Vineyards, VA

Visiting an internationally praised winery might not seem like an affordable fall vacation, but you’d be surprised. At Barboursville Vineyards, you get to take a tour and taste twenty-one different kinds of wine all for four dollars. And if you bring your own wine glass, the tasting is free! Additionally, rental spots come in a variety of options. Snagging a vacation rental will save you so much money in addition to the cheap tasting session.

3. Quilceda Creek Winery, WA

If you find yourself in the top corner of the country and wish you could visit a winery, you’re in luck. Washington state has the Quilceda Creek Winery, which has earned more perfect scores from leading wine critics than any other winery in America. Don’t forget to take advantage of the gorgeous nature around you while you’re in Snohomish. The Skykomish river has lots of cabins to choose from so you can have an adventure while you drink good wine.

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4. Millbrook Vineyards & Winery, NY

The east coast has its own famous wineries, and New York has plenty to choose from. The Millbrook winery should definitely make your list, because not only do they offer guests wine tastings of blends only made in their vineyard, but they also provide events throughout the year. Enjoy some tasty fun and then relax in one of the available rental houses in the area.

5. Domaine Drouhin, OR

Depending on what wine you like to drink, taking a drive out to Oregon might be in your best interest. The Domaine Drouhin winery is known for its Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. While you sip on some of your favorite blends, you can take comfort in knowing that the winery began and is run by the same family, so there’s heart in what you drink. With a little research into the best vacation rentals in the area, you’ll have a fantastic fall trip planned in no time.

6. Inwood Estates Winery And Bistro, TX

Looking for more of a southern getaway this fall? Travel down to Texas and enjoy your weekend at the Inwood Estates Winery and Bistro. The winery has spent 25 years researching wine to make sure their guests are served only the best bottles. When you’re not grabbing a glass, you can chow down at the bistro that serves everything from salads to barbecue. There’s also housing options nearby that’ll let you bring your family pet on the road.

This fall, consider visiting a winery or two for your next vacation. Not only will you beat the summer housing prices, but you’ll also have cooler weather to enjoy tours and tastings in. No matter which winery you go to, by looking into them ahead of time, you’ll know you’re in for memories that’ll last a lifetime.

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