When it’s time to take a break from your busy life, take a trip to Torch Lake. Spanning 19 miles in length, Torch Lake is the longest inland lake in Michigan. You can find vacation rentals at Torch Lake like cottages along the shoreline featuring a dock for boats, or cozy houses nestled a little closer to town that boast a lake view. At Torch Lake, there’s no shortage of fun and sun. Here are a few things to do while visiting this scenic lake.

1. Boating

With six marinas on the lake, finding a vacation rental with a dock close to a boat launch is easy so you can put your own boat in the water. If you don’t have a boat or want to bring it, each of these marinas offers deals to rent boats for your stay or just an afternoon.

2. Catch a Movie

If the weather turns rainy, load the family in the car for a short drive from your rented lakeside cabin to one of the two local movie theaters, Bellaire Cinema and Elks Rapid Cinema. Both theaters offer the latest movies from action favorites to family orientated movies so there’s a movie for everyone in your family.

3. Hiking

Put on your hiking boots and take the family out for a hike in Grass River Natural Area that’s just a short ride from your vacation rental. Sedge Meadow and Fern Trails have boardwalks to make the hike easier and offer fantastic views of the local flora and fauna. No matter which trail you choose, all of them are relatively easy for the occasional hiker, and the longest trail measures 7 miles.

4. Biking

Spend a day out on two wheels instead of on the water. You can bring your own bikes and keep them in the garage of your vacation rental or rent a bike from Brick Wheels or Revolution Bike Shop. The Top of Michigan Trails Council manages more than 300 miles of trails designed for riders.

5. Horseback Riding

Just a few miles away from your lake hideaway is Sandy’s Stables. Once you arrive, the stable hands make sure you understand the basics of riding and match you with a horse for your skill levels. Your family can enjoy an afternoon trail ride exploring the beautiful countryside.

6. Skiing

If you plan your lake vacation for the winter months, you and your family can visit one of the local ski slopes. Grab your skis out of the garage at your vacation rental or rent equipment when you arrive. Shanty Creek features 12 slopes for all skill levels. The youngest members of your family can take lessons while you hit the slopes.

7. Snowmobiling

Snuggle into your warmest clothes before leaving your vacation rental for a day of snowmobiling. Bring your own from home or rent vehicles from one of the local outfits. Michigan offers many miles of interconnecting trails for snowmobiles. When hunger strikes, many of the local taverns and restaurants offers a place to park your snowmobile.

8. Fishing

Grab your fishing gear from the garage of your vacation rental and head out for a day of fishing. Lake trout, rock bass, yellow perch, smallmouth bass, and many other types of fish populate Torch Lake. You can hire a guide to take you and your family out on the lake for the day and to all the best fishing holes.

9. Golfing

Make sure to bring your golf clubs to your vacation rental. A-Ga-Ming Golf Resort offers 54 holes for you to practice your swing beside Torch Lake. Choose the holes that you play based on your skill level. This public golf course provides a lesson to people new to the game. During the summer months, this club offers a camp for school age children.

10. Jump Out of a Plane

Let the bravest in your family jump out of a plane. Harbor Spring Skydiving is ready to make your dreams of skydiving a reality. After taking a class and safety instructions about skydiving, you and your family board a plane. Once you jump, you race towards the ground at a 120 miles-per-hour before opening your chute. You can celebrate by uploading all the photos when you return to your vacation rental.