New York City, New York is a bustling metropolis filled with famous attractions, visitors from all around the world, and an energetic atmosphere. If you plan to book a New York City vacation rental and you’re bringing the kids along, look forward to experiencing this amazing city’s numerous exciting points of interest and fun activities for the whole family. From Broadway shows to picnics in Central Park, New York City is full of possibilities. Here’s a list of the top nine kid-friendly things to do in New York City.

1. Take in a Broadway Show

Catching a Broadway show is one of the most popular activities for New York visitors, and there are plenty of shows to consider. Depending on what show you wish to see and the time of year you’re visiting, tickets can usually be purchased online, and you can also sign up for “lotteries” of sold-out shows where you can win prime seats to some of the most popular sold-out shows for a low cost. When the show is over and the performers take their final bows, don’t head straight back to your vacation rental; take a walk along Broadway to enjoy the lights, sights, and sounds.

2. Climb to the Top of the Empire State Building

The Empire State Building was built in 1930 and remains a beloved tourist attraction today. The 102-story building stands 1,454 feet high, and its architecture earned it a spot on the Seven Wonders of the Modern World list. Take a tour through all the floors starting with the lobby, and learn about the history of the building over the years. Once you reach the observation deck, step out and view New York City from a whole new perspective.

3. Visit the Statue of Liberty

Pay a visit to the Statue of Liberty to get an up-close and personal view of an American treasure. Located in Liberty Harbor on New York Island, Lady Liberty stands just over 151 feet high and draws in visitors from around the world. Sign up for a walking tour around the statue, or take a look inside with a trip up the stairs and into the crown. All kids measuring four feet or taller are welcome inside the statue, and it’s a good idea to book your tickets in advance, especially if you’re traveling during peak tourism seasons.

4. Spend the Day at the Central Park Zoo

Spend some time with the beautiful animals of the wild in the center of a big city at the Central Park Zoo. Visit with the majestic snow leopards and powerful grizzly bears, or take a guided Quest tour for an in-depth learning experience about the animals that call the zoo home. Feed the penguins and sea lions, then stop by the Dancing Crane Cafe for a snack at the end of the day.

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5. Walk Through Little Italy

For some amazing sightseeing and delicious Italian food, take a walk through Little Italy, a historic neighborhood in Lower Manhattan. Check out the historic architecture along Mulberry Street, then stop by Lombardi’s restaurant for some of the best Italian food in town. The restaurant was first opened in 1905 and is still known for its unbeatable pizza today. After your feast, stop by Ferrara Bakery and Cafe on the way back to your vacation rental for some out-of-this-world gelato.

6. Take in a Game at Yankee Stadium

If you’ve got sports fans in your brood, there’s no better way to spend a nice day in New York City than at Yankee Stadium. Take in a ball game, and make sure to grab a hot dog at Nathan’s. If you’re visiting on the off-season, sign up for a Classic Stadium Tour, and learn all about the history of the ballpark.

7. Take a Ride on the Staten Island Ferry

For a fun trip into Staten Island across New York Harbor, hop on the Staten Island passenger ferry and take the 25-minute, 17-mile journey. The passenger ferry is free, and it shuttles passengers back and forth 24 hours a day. Take in the sights and sounds of the harbor as you ride past the Statue of Liberty, Lower Manhattan, and Ellis Island, then disembark at Staten Island and do a little sightseeing. Visit Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Gardens to check out the beautiful landscapes and architecture, then stop into Blue restaurant for a Mediterranean feast before you hop back on the ferry.

8. Explore Central Park

For a little outdoor fun, visit Central Park, one of New York City’s most-visited attractions. Prepare a picnic lunch at your vacation rental to enjoy on the Great Lawn, then burn off some energy along the walking trails. Make sure to check out the collection of statues throughout the park that includes Alice in Wonderland, Hans Christian Anderson, William Shakespeare, and the 107th Infantry Memorial.

9. Discover Ancient Artifacts at the American Museum of Natural History

The American Museum of Natural History is one of New York City’s most-visited attractions, as the historic building has been in the city since 1869, and it is the largest museum in the world. Check out the amazing exhibits that feature ancient artifacts, dinosaur bones, and mummies, then head into the planetarium for an incredible out-of-this world star show.

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