Experience a true lakeside retreat when you visit South Haven, Michigan. Vacation rentals in South Haven and the surrounding area offer unparalleled waterfront access to Lake Michigan, as well as to smaller, quieter lakes nestled throughout the state. Enjoy the area’s agricultural history by visiting orchards and farms to pick your own fresh fruit, or simply dine at quaint restaurants and pastry shops that serve locally sourced crops. Book a stay at a South Haven vacation rental today. Check out the most notable attractions situated in and around South Haven.

1. South Haven

Located along the eastern shore of Lake Michigan, South Haven is a small city that’s big on lakeside activities. Rent a dinghy, jet ski or inner tube to traverse your way along this stretch of lake water. Spend a day enjoying the local cultural scene at an art gallery like Artworks or the Inn Gallery. In the evening, enjoy the laid-back atmosphere of South Haven by checking out one of the local breweries.

2. Douglas

Head north along the coast from South Haven to arrive at Douglas, a village that’s often described as cozy but with city cool. Book a vacation rental in Douglas to enjoy a blend of natural beauty and family-friendly events, like the many Michigan Art Coast festivals that happen here annually. Bring along your surfboard, or rent one from a local shop to try out lake surfing.

3. Fennville

A few miles east of Lake Michigan’s shores lies Fennville. Book a vacation rental here to enjoy fine dining at upscale and down-home restaurants, including Salt of the Earth or Pie Pantry. The bustling local arts scene is fun for families. Shop local, family-run businesses for handmade, artisan souvenirs, and jewelry.

4. Grand Junction

First settled in 1869, Grand Junction is a historic small town originally built at the crossing of two railroad lines. The surviving railroad provides ample opportunity for hobbyist trainspotters, while the heritage architecture of this town imparts a unique, frontier-days feeling. Enjoy country-style shopping and dining in the town’s relatively large business district, or explore the neighboring towns of Berlamont, Columbia, and Breedsville, which together form the Columbia Township.

5. Lake Michigan Beach

A small community built along the Lake Michigan waterfront, Lake Michigan Beach is an ideal vacation rental spot for those seeking relaxation. Bring along blankets and picnic gear, and spend your days lounging on this stretch of clean sand. Enjoy dining and other amenities in the community and in the greater area of Hagar Township.

6. Paw Paw Lake

Head east of Lake Michigan to experience the 11 miles of quiet shoreline around Paw Paw Lake. Stay in a vacation rental on the lake’s shore to enjoy family-friendly activities including lake swimming, boating, and hiking. Drive a couple of miles south of the lake to sample restaurants and amenities in the towns of Coloma and Watervliet.

7. Benton Harbor

Stay at a vacation rental in Benton Harbor, Michigan, to experience the beauty of Michigan farmland. Arrive in time to experience Blossomtime Festival, a multi-town festival held annually to celebrate the area’s identity as a major fruit-growing center. Take advantage of Benton Harbor’s downtown shopping district and active arts scene.

8. Sister Lakes

Travel to the heart of Southwestern Michigan to experience Sister Lakes. This resort and community area is built on the shores of 10 separate lakes that sit within about 6 miles of each other. Swim, water ski, and kayak to your heart’s content in the calm waters of any one of these lakes, then retire to a waterfront vacation rental home for small-town relaxation. Come in the fall to enjoy the fruits of the harvest season as well as the beautiful autumn foliage.

9. Macatawa

Macatawa, a quiet community on the shores of Lake Macatawa, is a great spot for getting back to nature. Swim and boat in this generally shallow, 6-mile lake, and visit the town center of Macatawa to enjoy family-friendly dining. Take a day hike to Holland State Park, which lies on the northwest side of the lake.

10. Holland

Located north of South Haven along the coast of Lake Michigan, Holland is a mid-sized community that has been voted one of America’s prettiest towns. Take in the local layout and architecture, much of which is inspired by the town’s namesake and includes well-kept windmills and tulip fields that bloom annually. Enjoy award-winning dining and shopping in Holland’s downtown, or watch the sunset from the sandy shore of Lake Michigan.

11. Lake Allegan

Bring along your boat or dinghy when you book a vacation rental around Lake Allegan. This manmade lake began as a dam and is now a hub for boating and fishing. Drive down to Echo Point to set off from the public boat launch, ideal for smaller craft. Vacation rentals in the area have a cozy feel.

12. Port Sheldon

Dating back to 1924, Port Sheldon is an agricultural town famous for its berry crops. Enjoy walks along the 6 miles of Lake Michigan shoreline adjacent to this town, including two beach parks that feature picnic facilities, playgrounds, and designated swimming areas.