Nestled along the Oregon Coast, the town of Newport offers the opportunity to unwind, relax, and become immersed in nature. Boasting stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, cliffside beaches, and plenty of outdoor spaces to enjoy and explore, Newport is a picturesque, family-friendly destination. Accommodations include oceanfront luxury homes, quaint bungalows, spacious condos, and more. Book your stay at one of hundreds of Newport vacation rentals today. Check out a few of the charming small towns and coastal beach communities in and around Newport, Oregon.

1. Newport, Oregon

Along the waterfront, choose a charming bungalow or a luxury beach home or condo for you and your family. Spend your days exploring the beach and dipping your toes in the cool Pacific Ocean. The town offers a municipal pool for those that prefer their water a little warmer and calmer for a dip. Enjoy the playfulness of an otter at the Oregon Coast Aquarium or spend the evening listening to jazz at one of the many local clubs in town.

2. Newport Heights, Oregon

If you don’t want to wake up to the sounds of surf each morning, look for a vacation rental a little in-town in the community of Newport Heights. This is your chance to explore the area and mingle with the locals. Spend your day at the beach or fishing on the Yaquina River. There are many spots to cast your line from the shore line, rent a boat or hire a charter boat to take you to all the best spots. In the evenings, enjoy a fish fry at your vacation rental with your latest catch.

3. Big Creek Park Area, Oregon

Just north of Newport sits Big Creek Park. This area offers a variety of vacation rentals from condos that sit on the beach to cabins nestled close to the park. Your family vacation enjoys a slower pace and offers a variety of outdoor activities in this location. Spend your days on the beach or pack a picnic lunch at your rental home and take it to the picnic area at Big Creek Park. From this central location, it’s just a short drive to enjoy dinner at a local restaurant or a day of shopping in the downtown Newport area.

4. Agate Beach, Oregon

A little north of downtown Newport sits the community of Agate Beach. Included in this popular destination area is the Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area that offers breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean as it breaks against the beach and shoreline. Take the family and stretch your legs while walking out to the Yaquina Head Light. This lighthouse stands 93 feet tall and has provided light for vessels since it first opened in 1873. While visiting the area, check out the tidal pools that team with aquatic life.

5. Beverly Beach, Oregon

Drive 12 minutes north up scenic Highway US 1 from Newport to find a beachfront vacation rental at Beverly Beach that is just minutes from Beverly Beach State Park. When visiting the state park, you need to cross under the highway by means of a tunnel to arrive at the beach. Once you and your family are on the beach, check out the views all the way down to the Yaquina Head Light. The ocean breeze makes this a popular place for people to try their hand at flying a kite.

6. Otter Rock

Just a little further along Highway US 101 from Beverly Beach, find cottages with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, perfect for you and your family. Spend your time exploring the rocky cliffs that slope off into the Pacific Ocean. Take the kids to visit the Otter Rock Marine Garden and look out for the garden’s namesake basking on the massive rock that sits just off the coast line. Be sure to pack binoculars to give your little ones a closer look at these playful animals.

7. Holiday Beach, Orgon

Drive south along Highway 101 to the small community of Holiday Beach. Make your family’s home away from home a modest bungalow or decide on a luxury home. From here, easily access all of the exciting attractions, shopping and restaurants in Newport. While staying in the area, take the kids to see the octopus feedings at the Hatfield Marine Science Center. You can then learn more about marine life at the various exhibits. Afterwards, explore the Yaquina Estuary Trail and do some beach combing for unusual shells.

8. Brian Booth State Park, Oregon

To the south of Newport lies Brian Booth State Park with its breathtaking natural beauty. Make this area your home base with modest and comfortable vacation rentals. There are two parts of Brian Booth State Park to explore, Ona Beach State Park and Beaver Creek Natural Area. Set out to sea in a kayak from the beach part of the state park or seek an adventure along one of the hiking trails in the nature area.