A relaxing, carefree getaway is just what you need when you’re craving a break from your busy schedule. There are plenty of vacation rentals at Lake Shafer in Monticello, Indiana to enjoy. Be as picky as you’d like — choose from hotels, waterfront chalets, rustic cabins, cozy cottages, and luxury condos. No matter where you stay at in the Lake Shafer area, your vacation will be unforgettable. Here are several marvelous family-friendly things to do on your trip.

1. Take Time to Smell the Wildflowers

The morning mist whirls softly over the lake in the sun’s first rays. First aromatic cup of coffee in hand, pick your way down to the edge of the lake from your cozy little vacation cottage. In the silence, in the moment, you listen to birds stirring in the trees overhead, knowing you made the right choice. You turn back to the cottage to keep a date with your little one to look for wildflowers. Wasn’t that a lovely daydream? Now, go. Make it happen.

2. Row Your Little Boat

Walk down your private dock, untie the little boat, and take your kid for a rowing lesson. Life jackets in place, you pick up the oars and demonstrate the rhythm of the dip and swing. In a few moments, you turn the oars over and watch proudly as your little child suddenly looks more mature, more confident. Well done, Mom.

3. Take a Harbor Cruise

Yes, ma’am, she is a lady. Venture forth for a breathtaking cruise on neighboring Lake Freeman aboard the majestic Madam Carroll, the largest boat in Indiana. In 2012 the new owner installed a wheelchair ramp to give everyone a chance to experience the joy of riding this huge boat that accommodates up to 500 passengers amongst its three decks.

4. Step Away From the TV

Another kind of tube is way more fun and it takes about 2 minutes to make believers out of hardcore binge-watchers. Hook that baby to a boat, put the kids in life jackets, and tell them to hang on. Listen to them scream and squeal for more. Parent win.

5. Float Away on Your Dreams

Put the kids on a paddle board and drift around for some quiet time to put everyone in a zen state. Or, shake things up a bit by getting a board for each family member and watching the water party begin. Stop by Lake Shafer Marina, Tall Timbers Marina, or Twin Lakes Marina to snag some paddle boards, paddles, and life jackets. It’s the stuff of dreams.

6. Coast Along

Get everyone dressed for a day of outdoor adventures at Indiana Beach Boardwalk Resort. No, really. This is an amusement park on steroids, with a beach for swimming and six amazing roller coasters, including the Hoosier Hurricane and the Steel Hawg. The park features 41 other rides and includes attractions for the little ones in the family. Look for restaurants and vacation rentals; man, it’s all right here.

7. Skateboard in the Afternoon

Teenagers sometimes require specific care and feeding to keep them happy, especially on vacations, which is why you may want to take your skateboarders to Monticello’s Jordan Skate Park. Enjoy walking or jogging while they dazzle onlookers with their board skills, or catch up on your reading. Maybe you want to learn how to do a 360-degree jump.

8. Take a Stroll on a Nature Trail

Telling the kids they’re going to learn something on vacation can be kept secret. Take them to the Altherr Nature Park in Monticello to see the butterfly garden, the wetland habitat, and the prairie. If you forget your glasses back at the vacation rental house, have them read the informational signs to you, ahem.

9. Go Fishing

Sometimes you just have to put on your big-kid boots and go fishing. When you see the sun peeping over the horizon and know the rest of the family should sleep for hours, slip out the back door of your lakeside cabin, plop down on your private dock, and wake up a few fish. Chances are, your youngest is right there beside you, as they never sleep late anyway.

10. Play in the Water

Slather on some sunscreen, inflate the air mattress, and the let the “rest” happen. Unleash your mind and let it drift during your few minutes of epic retreat from reality. As soon as one of the kids dunks you and the reverie ends, enjoy an exhilarating swim to catch the little rascal.