Lake Hartwell, a reservoir located along the Georgia and South Carolina border boasts 56,000 acres of water for boating, swimming, and other fun water sports. The larger towns that lie around Lake Hartwell offer a counterpoint to the lake, giving your family and loved ones an opportunity to dine at a local eatery, or enjoy a show or sporting event. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life and relax at one of many Lake Hartwell vacation rentals. Here are some of the most picturesque vacation rental locations to check out.

1. Red Creek

Relax in the rural Red Creek, located on the west side of the lake. This area made up of few houses, open spaces, and woods gives you plenty of breathing room to reconnect with nature and your family. Opt for a vacation rental inland surrounded by nature, or opt for a lake house with your own dock.

2. Fair Play

Just across the lake lies Fair Play, a little town that lies along the coves and beaches. Rent a boat and explore the multitude of islands and waterways, or hop on over to Lake Hartwell State Park or Tugaloo State Park for some hiking and wildlife watching.

3. Providence Church Road

Providence Church Road meanders along a peninsula that juts into the lake, making for a great place to find a vacation rental. The Springfield Campground, located along the road, boasts public access to the lake for a picnic lunch or an afternoon swimming. Opt for a house on the lake, and spend your days kayaking and boating in the water.

4. Friendship Shores

Friendship Shores sits along the north side of the lake along a quiet branch. When not kayaking along the lake and streams, you can take the family over to the Friendship Recreation Area or Oconee Point for some great views and sandy beaches. The public boat ramp at the Friendship Recreation Area makes it convenient to launch your watercraft for some water fun.

5. Portman Marina

Located in the heart of the lake, Portman Marina and the surrounding area offers visitors access to a range of water activities, such as boating, kayaking, and waterskiing, as well as nature experiences and downtown fun. Enjoy lunch at the Nami Asian Bistro before taking the boat out across the water to the Broyles Recreation Area for some hiking and birdwatching.

6. Northlake

Northlake is nestled at the tip of the east branch of the lake. Finding a vacation rental here puts you within strolling distance of a number of eateries, perfect for a night out, or the City of Anderson Recreation Area, where you can relax on the beach.

7. Anderson

If you want a little more big city access, stay at Anderson. Although the heart of the city lies east of the lake, it spreads all the way to the shores of the lake, so that you can choose between a hopping rental in an urban world surrounded by restaurants and museums or a peaceful house on the lake surrounded by nature.

8. Hartwell

On the southwest of the lake is Hartwell, another bigger town that stretches to the lake, letting you choose between an urban environment or a rural place. Either way, you have close access to the lake as well as a number of wilderness areas from Hart State Park to Long Point Recreation Area. Mix up your days with equal amounts of water and land exploration.

9. Clemson

Clemson not only lies on the lake, but it also boasts the famed Clemson University. Spend your days boating and swimming in the water or relaxing at one of the many parks and enjoy a sports game at the university. Take in a game of golf at the Walker Course, scenically located on the lake, to fully relax.

10. Pendleton

Pendleton, just below Clemons, offers some of the same attractions of the big city, but the uninterrupted tracts of woodlands and long, winding roads snaking through the trees provide a prime opportunity for a scenic family drive. Load the family up, and take a country drive to the lake where you can rent a boat for some more fun.