Chincoteague Island is situated in the Chincoteague Bay, nestled between Virginia and Assateague Island. Home to the famous Chincoteague ponies that live in the wild at the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge, Chincoteague is also known for its fresh seafood, as well as its plentiful opportunities to partake in water sports, hike, and stroll across sandy beaches. Book a stay at a Chincoteague vacation rental today. Check out the most exciting attractions on this gorgeous island.

1. Black Point Landing, Chincoteague

Located on the southeast end of Chincoteague Island, Black Point Landing offers waterfront rentals and a short canoe ride or swim to Assateague Island. Hike the nearby Bivalve Trail, and keep an eye out for the wild ponies. If you want to ride some tame horses, visitTom’s Cove Quarter Horses, conveniently located on Black Point Landing.

2. Fowling Gut, Chincoteague

Opt for a little privacy by getting a vacation rental around Fowling Gut, the island’s lake. You can kayak through the waters or go swimming and paddleboarding. Join the locals at Mr. Baldy’s for an authentic taste of island life. Try the crab dishes; the fish is fresh and delicious.

3. Downtown, Chincoteague

Although the downtown area isn’t big, it boasts a hopping waterfront district. Chill out at the Waterfront Park, explore the island on Captain Dan’s Around the Island Tours, or fish on the pier. If you want to just take in the atmosphere, stroll down Main Street where you can stop at some boutiques and eateries. Take advantage of your location on the Atlantic Ocean to enjoy some authentic seafood at Don’s Seafood Restaurant or Bill’s Prime Seafood and Steaks.

4. West Side, Chincoteague

If you want easy water access, get a rental on the southwest coast. Many of the homes boast private piers where you can dock your boats, water skis, or kayaks or lounge on as you watch the sunset. Catch a tour of Chincoteague Channel at Daisey’s Island Cruises or boat over to Wallops Island National Wildlife Refuge. Kayak through the wetlands, keeping your eyes out for local wildlife, or relaxing on the sandy beaches.

5. East Side, Chincoteague

If you want to be closer to Assateague and the wild horses, get a place on the east side of Chincoteague. Like the west side, you have many places boasting water access so that your boat can become your main method of travel whether down the coast to Black Point Landing for lunch or up the coast to Gary Howard Seafood. Hop on Maddox Boulevard for the short drive to the other side of the island and the downtown area.

6. Piney Island, Chincoteague

Piney Island lies just off Chincoteague east coast and offers all the comforts of home. Not only do you get a measure of peace and quiet here, but you also can walk to Woody’s Beach BBQ for a hot dinner with the family. If you want to visit the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge, and you don’t have a boat, staying here puts you on the path of Maddox Boulevard. It bridges Assateague Channel and goes right to the island. Drive along Wildlife Loop to get a look at the famous wild ponies and other animals, or explore the island via one of the many hiking trails.

7. Deep Hole, Chincoteague

The north side of Chincoteague Island, Deep Hole, is rural living at its finest. Both coasts have vacation rentals, perfect for the water-loving family. Even if you don’t have a boat, you can rent one for your stay or just enjoy having a pier to lounge on and fish from. Hike among the wooded interior, or explore Little Oyster Bay. This location with all the creeks and inlets makes a prime location to explore via kayak. Treat the kids on a hot day to an ice cream cone at the Island Creamery.

8. Wattsville

Wattsville, located on the mainland, is a few minutes drive from Chincoteague Island to the east and the Chesapeake Bay to the west. Spend one day on the island and another at one of the Chesapeake Bay towns like Crisfield of Saxis. Spend time exploring Wallops Island National Wildlife Refuge with the kids. The 373 acres of marshland feature eagles, great horned owls, and other migratory species, a veritable birder’s paradise.

9. Horntown

Horntown lies just north of Wattsville on Chincoteague Bay. Take a drive along the bay, or head down to explore the marshland. Chincoteague Island is just a short drive away and makes a great day trip. Charter a boat for a tour of the bay and island, and then head over to Assateague Island for a day on the beach. Swim in the Atlantic Ocean and, as always, keep your eyes out for the horses.

10. Sinnickson

Sinnickson is located at the mouth of Swans Gut Creek and Chincoteague Bay. Waterside vacation rentals are plentiful; take your family boat over to Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge or Chincoteague Island. If you want to relax closer to home, enjoy a game of golf at Captain’s Cove Golf and Yacht Club.