When you think of visiting Arizona, seeing the Grand Canyon and relaxing in the sunshine are probably a few of the first things that come to mind. The state has so much to explore. These ten outdoor attractions are worth visiting when you stay at your next Arizona vacation rental. Whether you love hiking, biking, and camping, or taking pictures of nature from the comfort of your car, you’ll be so glad that you made it to these incredible places.

1. The Grand Canyon

One of the most popular attractions in the country, Arizona is home to part of the expansive Grand Canyon. Bring your camera to capture one of the most amazing natural sites in the world. The dusty canyon is hike-able, and you can make your way down on trails even on donkeys! From the top, find a lookout area and take in the breathtaking landscape.

2. Havasupai Falls

Visit this incredible hiking destination to find the blue green waterfalls of the Grand Canyon. Plan ahead, as youll need to reserve your trip, but once you get to the falls it is an absolute paradise. Hike about 10 miles each way to get to the Havasu Falls a real oasis!

3. Monument Valley

The Navajo Tribal Park is right on the edge of Arizona and Utah, with impressive vertical rock formations and sand dunes. Take a guided tour, or drive through the valley yourself to take in the incredible views!

4. Petrified Forest National Park

See the almost mythical petrified wood that can be found in the Painted Desert. There are also fossilized plants and fish, but the wood is the most curious. Drive past the scenery, and you can park nearby to walk or hike the park.

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5. Saguaro National Park

The beautiful Saguaro Park gives you the perfect views of a classic Arizona desert cactusand all. The Saguaro cacti are famed for their iconic look, prickles and all. There are hiking trails for you to explore, some which go up into the mountains if youre feeling adventurous.

6. Antelope Canyon

This famed slot canyon is one of the most popular photography spots in Arizona, with its unique curved caves. The canyon is right outside of Page, and features an Upper and Lower section. Youll need a guide to navigate around the mesmerizing cave-like trails.

7. The Wave

A sandstone formation with wave-like layers, this attractions is right on the Arizona and Utah border. Find the Wave on the Coyote Buttes slopes, a great photography and hiking spot. Its a tough hike to get there, as the secluded area is far away from signs of civilization.

8. Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument

This oddly named tourist destination preserves the Organ Pipe Cactus, a rare and beautiful species. The large park is full of pathways which you can follow on your own, or on a guided tour in the Sonoran Desert.

9. Barringer Crater

A meteor crater that lies near Winslow, the round hole adds even more mystique to this incredible landscape. The Barringer crater was created 50,000 years ago by an asteroid and brings you an eye-opening sense of time.

10. Montezuma Castle National Monument

Nearby to Flagstaff, the Montezuma Castle is built right into a cliff at Beaver Creek Canyon, high above the ground. The castle still has its rooms preserved, and was named after the Aztec ruler.

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