Wisconsin Dells is Wisconsin’s top location for family vacations, as the small but thriving city consists mainly of resorts, amusement parks, and natural attractions. Kids and adults love riding the waterslides and amusement park rides while mingling with fellow travelers, and the backdrop of the Wisconsin River and lush forests allows visitors to get back to nature amidst all the fun. If you’re visiting with your kids on your upcoming vacation, the city offers an abundance of amazing activities within close proximity to the vacation rentals in the Wisconsin Dells, so you’re sure to find something to do 24 hours a day. To help you get started on your holiday to-do list, here are the top 11 things to do in Wisconsin Dells with kids.

1. Splash It Up at a Water Park

Wisconsin Dells is known for its abundance of water parks, so there are plenty of options if your kids want to get in on the fun. Noah’s Ark has a huge pool and over 51 water slides, earning the title of “Largest Water Park in the World,” while Atlantis boasts a six-story water “fortress” with a geyser that shoots water up 120 feet in the air.

2. Check Out the Cool and Unusual at Mr. Marvel’s Wondertorium

For something truly unique, spend the day at Mr. Marvel’s Wondertorium. Take the hour-long tour and get an up-close look at fire eaters, contortionists, and much more. The Wondertorium houses over 100 curiosities, including shrunken heads, endangered Mexican walking fish, and the world’s largest egg. After the tour, stick around for a circus-type performance, and be sure to bring your camera.

3. Do Some Fishing at Beaver Springs

For a fun day of fishing, head over to Beaver Springs Fishing Park, the largest fishing park in all of the Midwest. The park supplies bait and poles, and guarantees that “everyone catches a fish at Beaver Springs,” so you can count on bringing some walleye or Northern pike back to your vacation rental. When you’re done fishing, walk around the grounds and take a look at the massive 80,000-gallon aquarium, which houses over 1,000 fish.

4. Take a Lost Voyage Ghost Boat Ride

Give your kids the thrill of a lifetime by embarking on a Lost Voyage boat ride down the Wisconsin River. All voyages take place as the sun sets and run into the dark of the night, during which the boat travels through a variety of creepy places, including an abandoned military base and the site of a “lost” tour boat. Never fear though, as the tour lasts only an hour and a half, and if you help the captain solve the mystery, you may even get a reward.

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5. Escape Reality at VR Universe

For a fun, out-of-this-world experience, spend the day at VR Universe. These virtual-reality arcade lets players create new realities with the click of a joystick, and the games are seriously life-like. Speed down streets in a race car, or go to battle with a survival game. For the little ones, the arcade also offers light and easy children’s games, such as Naughty or Nice, where the players help Santa load gifts onto his sleigh.

6. Have Some Fun at Alligator Alley

With an alligator park, haunted house, and go-kart track all under one roof, you’re sure to have fun. Stop by Alligator Alley and tour through the reptile zoo, and make sure to feed the gators. When you’re finished, head over to the go-kart track for a family race, then end the day at Castle of Terrors, the creepy haunted house filled with confusing mazes and random ghouls that pop out when you least expect it.

7. Get Lost in the Krazy Mirror Maze

If your kids are up for a challenge, pay a visit to Krazy Mirror Maze. The maze consists of mirrors painted with glow paint and placed strategically throughout the building, making it difficult to find your way out. 3-D glasses are provided to make the game even more intense, and while it’s definitely a challenge, the maze is also a lot of fun.

8. Be Amazed at Ripley’s Believe It or Not

Ripley’s Believe it or Not is a great place to go exploring, as this museum of the world’s most unique artifacts has something for everyone. Travel through King Tut’s Egyptian castle and be careful not to slip through a secret passageway while you hunt for hidden treasure, or gaze in amazement at the artwork made entirely of cereal. If you want to make a day of it, purchase two-for-one tickets and check out the Wizard Quest in the next building over.

9. Go Kayaking Through Witches Gulch

For a little recreation and fresh air, spend the day kayaking through Witches Gulch in the upper dells of the Wisconsin River. Rent some kayaks from River’s Edge Bait Shop and Boat Rentals, then take the journey through the Dells. When your path narrows and you spot a tall canyon that’s just a tad bit eerie, you’ve reached the Witches Gulch.

10. Zip Through the Wilderness at Bigfoot Zipline Tours

If you’re looking for a way to burn off some energy and get your adrenaline pumping, sign the family up for a Bigfoot Zipline Tour. Rated the top attraction in Wisconsin Dells, this thrilling zipline course runs on seven separate lines and flies high over forests, rivers, and lakes for an amazing experience. The park offers five separate zip line adventures to choose from, depending on your skill and comfort levels, and safety gear is provided for all riders. A how-to demonstration and safety course also take place before anyone hops on the line, ensuring a safe and fun time.

11. Visit the Animals at Wisconsin Deer Park

For some quality time with lovable animals, spend the day at the Wisconsin Deer Park. Stroll the 28-acre forest and feed baby deer, and take a few family photos with the other animals who call the park home, including elk and bison.

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