Surfside Beach covers a stunning section of the Texas coastline. Here, you can spend long days with the kids basking in the sun, try new water sports, or explore the beautiful natural surroundings. Just a short walk or drive from Surfside Beach vacation rentals, a variety of fun, kid-friendly activities await. Here are the top 10 things to do in Surfside Beach with kids.

1. Visit the Beach

As soon as you arrive at Surfside Beach, grab the kid’s swimsuits and head straight for the ocean. The long, wide beach offers plenty of space to set up camp near the water, so you can keep an eye on the little ones. Swim in the gentle waves, build castles in the white sand and enjoy taking long walks down the shoreline. The coast is particularly lovely at sunset. For a peaceful atmosphere and beautiful photo opportunities, visit the beach first thing in the morning.

2. Rent a Golf Cart

During the busy summer season, Surfside Beach turns into a major thoroughfare. Join in the fun by renting a golf cart from a local retailer. Most outfitters offer hourly, daily, and weekly rentals. The golf carts usually have four seats, and they move at slow speeds, ensuring a safe ride for your little ones.

3. Try a Water Sport

Enjoy the ocean to the fullest by trying new water sports while you’re in Surfside Beach. Rent a kayak, and try surfing the waves. Choose a double model if you’re traveling with little ones. If you’re after a high-speed experience, rent a Jet Ski, and spend an afternoon flying across the water. Body boards, skim boards, and surfboards can also provide a thrilling water experience for adults and kids of any age.

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4. Ride Horses on the Beach

Beach Bum Horse Rides in Surfside Beach offers guided tours of the local area. Don’t worry if you’ve never been on a horse; the company doesn’t require riders to have experience and provides helpful instructions to get you started. The friendly, well-trained horses can carry adults and kids ages 7 and up. In the summer, beat the heat with an early morning or early evening ride.

5. Fly Kites

With its sea breezes and open water-front areas, Surfside Beach is an excellent spot for kite flying. Bring your own kites from home, or stop by Kites Unlimited in Galveston on your way into town. Great local spots for kite flying include Surfside Beach and Surfside Jetty Park. For the easiest experience, visit early in the morning, so you’ll have plenty of room to run.

6. Go Night Fishing

Pack your headlamps and fishing gear, and head for the jetty at Surfside Jetty Park. To escape the crowds, venture further down the Freeport ship channel. For peace of mind, be sure to put your little ones in life jackets. Crabbing is another kid-friendly activity. Head for the crabbing pier across from Stahlman Park, drop in your bait bucket, and reel in some crabs.

7. Visit Sea Center Texas

Learn about the sea life of Surfside Beach and south Texas at Sea Center Texas, which is located 11 miles northwest in Lake Jackson. Take the self-guided tour, and marvel at the spectacular fish suspended from the ceiling. Outside, you can try your luck fishing in the youth fish pond, or bring a picnic to enjoy an afternoon lunch on the beautiful grounds. Be sure to check out the on-site fish hatchery, the fish culture ponds, and the outdoor wetland exhibit.

8. Learn About Local History

Take a break from the sun, and visit the Surfside Historical Museum. This small, kid-friendly facility, which sits on the top floor of City Hall, provides a fascinating introduction to local history. Learn about Fort Velasco, which once sat nearby, and read about the earliest European colonists in the area. The picture-heavy exhibits also provide a glimpse into Surfside Beach’s role in the first battle for Texas independence. The museum takes less than an hour to tour, making it a great pre-lunch or afternoon activity to enjoy with little ones.

9. Kayak the Christmas Bay Water Trail

Get away from it all with a kayak trip on the Christmas Bay Water Trail. Rent your kayaks in town, and head for the put-in near the now-closed Ernie‘s Too Bait Camp. Local signs make it easy to pinpoint your location on the trail, which winds through the Churchill Bayou and the Tittam Tatum Bayou. If your kids are up for it, paddle the entire 19.1 miles. Along the way, you can spot a variety of birds, explore the small local islands, and enjoy excellent fishing.

10. Build a Bonfire

End your vacation on a relaxing note with a bonfire on the beach. Pick up firewood from town, as it can be difficult to find driftwood on the beach. Bring marshmallow sticks and s’more supplies, and allow kids to make their own dessert or play in the sand. To stay compliant with local regulations, stay away from the dunes and keep your fire smaller in size than three square feet.

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