Northern California’s Redwood Coast stretches from the city of Eureka all the way to the Oregon border. Redwood Coast vacation rentals are plentiful, as this area is a highly sought after vacation destination. Along the Redwood Coast, you’ll find unique landscapes filled with redwood trees, berry bushes, ferns, and other stunning plant life. You’ll also find an abundance of wildlife and hiking trails. There are many activities in the area to keep your entire family entertained. If you’re planning a vacation to the Redwood Coast, take a look at this list of top 10 things to do in the area with kids.

1. Enjoy the Beach

Your Redwood Coast vacation rental will likely be near a beach, so take full advantage of the opportunity to enjoy the pristine waters, powerful waves, and stunning views that Redwood Coast beaches have to offer. Beaches are abundant in this area, so you’ll have many to choose from. Head to Gold Bluffs Beach Campground if you want to camp out at the beach for an entire day. This beach offers bathroom facilities with heated showers, picnic tables, and firepits. If you’re looking for a more secluded beach to enjoy with your family, head to Mad River County Park.

2. Mountain Biking

Explore the Redwood Coast region by heading to Redwoods State Park and biking through the scenic trails. These trails take you right through the Redwood forest, where your family can look for wildlife and take pictures of the breathtaking scenery. There are multiple mountain-biking trails at the state park. Some are easy, while others have a few steep grades. If you didn’t bring bikes from home, rent them from Revolution Bicycles, which offers mountain bikes and hybrid bikes that are suitable for biking through woods and on paved roads.

3. Kayaking

Northern California’s Redwood Coast is a popular spot for kayaking. Rent kayaks for your entire family at Kayak Zaks, Pacific Outfitters, or Humboats Kayak Adventure. Then, head to one of the many waterways in the area. First-time kayakers will love the mild, calm waters of Trinidad Harbor. If your family is filled with experienced kayakers, head over to The Lagoons, Humboldt Bay, or Mad River Slough for an exciting kayaking adventure.

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4. Sequoia Park Zoo

Head into the town of Eureka, California, and visit the Sequoia Park Zoo. This zoo might be small, but it features many exotic animals that your family wants to see. The animals are very animated and love putting on a show for visitors. There are also hands-on exhibits and friendly farm animals on-site. You can tour the entire zoo in a couple of hours, making it the perfect destination for little ones who might tire quickly.

5. Horseback Riding

If your family enjoys horseback riding, Redwood Coast is the perfect vacation destination. After a morning of relaxing at your vacation rental, head over to Redwood National Park, and enjoy a guided horseback riding tour with your entire family. Tour guides explain the local history while taking you through the Redwood Forrest. The beautiful horses take you up and down mountains and through some ancient areas of Redwood National Park. This exciting, educational tour is suitable for the entire family, and lunch is included with your fee.

6. Ocean Fishing

It’s easy to enjoy a day of fishing on the Redwood Coast, as there are countless companies that will take you out to the ocean to catch salmon, tuna, halibut, rockfish, and other sea life that are common to the area. If you have a small family of four or less, contact Reel Steel, which offers custom fishing charters for small groups and provides all of the tackle and bait. If you have a larger family, contact Northwind Charters or Shenandoah. These companies have large boats make multiple trips out into the ocean each day, and expert fishermen are on board to assist all passengers.

7. Fern Canyon

If you enjoy unique-looking nature trails, visit Fern Canon with your family. This stunning narrow canyon is completely covered by ferns, and it is approximately 1 mile long. You’ll love the view and sound of the creek that travels throughout the canyon. There are five different types of ferns in this canyon, and you might also spot some unique insects that thrive when these plants are present. Fern Canyon is open year-round. The entire canyon is very moist during the cooler months and dry during the summer.

8. Willow Creek China Flat Museum

The Willow Creek China Flat Museum is more commonly known as the “Bigfoot Museum” because it is best known for its vast collection of items related to Bigfoot. Your kids will love looking at the large footprints, pictures, newspaper articles, and maps of Bigfoot sightings, which are all found at the Bigfoot Exhibit. This museum also has exhibits that feature information about the history of the entire Redwood Coast region, giving your family an opportunity to learn all about this beautiful area.

9. Fire & Light Originals

Fire & Light Originals started in 1995, and today, this tourist attraction gives locals and visitors an opportunity to see the unique things that artists can make with fire, light, and recycled glass. The company offers a tour from Mondays through Fridays of the various exhibits, and you’ll be stunned by the different types of items available for viewing. If you’re interested in purchasing any of the unique glass items you see during the tour, come back on Saturday, when many of the items are up for sale.

10. Humboldt Bay Tourism Center

Locals and tourists visit Humboldt Bay Tourism Center for one main reason — the oyster bar. If your family enjoys oysters, don’t miss the opportunity to eat some of the freshest and most delicious oysters on the Redwood Coast. Award-winning cheeses and breads are served along with the oysters, and adults can enjoy some locally made wine while dining. After eating, walk around the center to learn about all of the other family-friendly activities in the area.

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