Rockport, Maine, often referred to as “the prettiest town in the state,” is a coastal town that sits along the West Penobscot Bay. Rockport and its sister town, Camden, are extremely popular among travelers looking for the peace and quiet of a small town away from the city. If you’re planning a trip to Rockport with the family, there are lots of activities to keep the kids entertained, ranging from blueberry picking to playing on the beach, and many of the vacation rentals in the Rockport area are just a few minutes from the shoreline. If you’re preparing for a family holiday in this cozy coastal community, here are some of the most popular things to do in the area.

1. Visit the Oreo Cookie Cows – Rockport, Maine

For a fun day outdoors and the chance to spot something truly unique, stop by the Aldemere Farm. Not only does this farm have beautiful grounds and historic farmhouses, but it’s also home to a unique breed of cattle called the Belted Galloway. Belted Galloway cows are referred to as “oreo cookie cows,” which your kids are sure to get a kick out of, as they are white in the middle and black on both ends, and their coloring is perfectly symmetrical.

2. Spend the Day at the Merryspring Nature Center – Camden, Maine

Get back to nature for the day by paying a visit to the Merryspring Nature Center. Open daily from sunrise to sunset, the center is home to hundreds of beautiful flowers and plants surrounded by walking trails and fresh greenery. Take a family walk along the trails, and then take in the beauty of the morning glories, azaleas, tulips, and other lovely blooms.

3. Visit Megunticook Falls – Camden, Maine

Megunticook Falls is a 3.5-mile natural spillway that flows into Camden Harbor and then makes its way into Penobscot Bay before it ends up in the Atlantic Ocean. What’s interesting about this attraction is that the embankment is actually located behind Main Street, combining the natural beauty of the area with the modern conveniences of today. Stop by the falls to feel refreshed by the cool sprays of water, and then pop over to Main Street for a little shopping or dining.

4. Have a Beach Day – Rockport, Maine

A beach day in Maine is a definite must if you’re visiting during the warmer seasons, and Laite Memorial Beach is the perfect spot to enjoy a swim or stroll along the shoreline. Pack a picnic lunch and some cold drinks, and set your beach blanket and umbrella up in the sand. Take in the views as your kids’ frolic in the water, or grab a few pairs and do a little beach combing with the family.

5. Take a Boat Tour – Camden, Maine

For a fun day on the water taking in the fresh Atlantic sea air and beautiful coastal town views, sign the family up for a boat tour with Camden Harbor Cruises. Choose from a sunset cruise, a fishing cruise, or a lobster charter, or opt for a relaxing scenic cruise along the bay, and enjoy a complimentary beverage as you glide along the water. All cruises are guided by professional captains who are knowledgeable about the area and more than happy to share a fishing tip or two.

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6. Visit Rockport Marine Park – Rockport, Maine

If you’re looking to soak up some local history, stop by Rockport Marine Park. Once a working harbor, the park now houses a variety of historic sculptures, with the most famous being Andre the Seal, a local seal who was found abandoned in the 1960s and eventually became a famous performing seal. Every year, Andre was shipped to the New England Aquarium for the winter, but he always found his way back, swimming 150 miles each spring back to return to Rockport.

7. Feed the Ducks and Have Some Ice Cream – Camden, Maine

After a long day of taking in the sights and sounds of Rockport and Camden, stop by River Ducks Ice Cream Stand for a tasty treat and some quality time with the local ducks. The stand boasts a massive menu of flavors including Fresh Maine Blueberry and Maine Black Bear- a sweet concoction of black raspberry and chocolate. The stand is situated on a river dock that’s also home to a large group of ducks, so don’t be surprised if you spot a few around your table. As an added bonus, the stand sells duck food so you can give them a treat as well.

8. Go Fishing – Rockport, Maine

If you’re hoping to cook up some delicious Maine fish at your vacation rental, catch your own during a fun family fishing day. Rockport has over 50 lakes and ponds that are stocked with salmon and brook trout, while the Penobscot Bay coves and Atlantic coastal waters are home to several saltwater fish species, including mackerel and striped bass. Rent a boat from Port Harbor if you plan on doing a little saltwater fishing, or pack a lunch and fish from the lake shore.

9. Go Blueberry Picking – Rockport, Maine

For a fun day in nature with the added bonus of a tasty treat, spend some time picking blueberries at the Beech Hill Preserve or Guini Ridge Farm. The farms offer public pick days throughout the year where visitors can tour the grounds and take in the beautiful sights while filling their buckets with delicious organic blueberries. Since free pick dates vary, it’s best to call ahead to ensure you stop by on the right day.

10. Tour the Rockland Harbor Breakwater Lighthouse – Rockland, Maine

The Rockland Harbor Breakwater Lighthouse is a must-see Rockland attraction. Built in 1902, the lighthouse still operates today, and tours are offered on Saturdays and Sundays. Tour the grounds, and take a look at the attached keeper’s quarters that have housed over 20 caretakers over the years, then make your way up to the top for some spectacular views. Visitors of all ages are welcome, but children must be over 42 inches tall to climb to the top.

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