A small village with an abundance of entertainment options, North Conway is tucked away in the White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire. It is an ideal spot for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Bring your fishing poles, kayaks, hiking boots, and other recreational gear to enjoy the area’s great outdoors. Book a stay at one of many incredible North Conway vacation rentals today. Check out the top family-friendly things to do in North Conway.

1. Visit an Amusement Park

Drive just north of town to Glen to immerse your kids in their favorite fairy tales. The Story Land amusement park offers a variety of rides and shows to entertain your young kids, all based on a story theme. Most rides are relatively mild and suitable for all ages, although the park lacks the thrill rides that older kids tend to enjoy. If you’re partial to a Christmas theme, you can drive a little farther to the Santa’s Village amusement park in Jefferson, New Hampshire. Rides feature a Christmas theme to put you in the holiday spirit even in the summer. The Ho Ho H2O water park portion brings the Christmas theme to water slides and splash pads.

2. Ride a Train

Climb aboard a vintage train when you visit the Conway Scenic Railroad. Excitement grows as you approach the beautiful 1874 Victorian railway station. The Valley train offers a quick excursion that takes just under an hour, perfect for young kids. Watch as the beautiful scenery flies by the windows of the restored train car.

3. Play at a Children’s Museum

Stop by the Mount Washington Valley Children’s Museum when your young kids need time to play freely, or you need an indoor activity to stay busy. Interactive play opportunities fill the museum with a variety of themes, including animals, castles, kitchen, babies, and farms. Kids explore with toys, puppets, books, and other fun and educational items.

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4. Go Hiking

The gorgeous White Mountain National Forest offers plenty of areas for hiking with your kids. Choose your trails carefully, as the mountains in the area create rugged terrain on some hikes. Reserve trails with steep inclines for older kids. Echo Lake State Park features a 1-mile trail circling the lake that is easy enough for all ages. Older kids who are up for a challenge can hike up to Cathedral Ledge or White Horse Ledge in the park. For a unique hike, check out one of several covered bridges in the area, including the Saco River Covered Bridge and Swift River Covered Bridge. Other trails throughout the North Conway area offer more hiking options.

5. Get Out on the Water

Kayaking or canoeing is an ideal way to enjoy the natural bodies of water in the North Conway area. Load up your own boats and store them in your vacation rental garage until you can get out on the water. The Saco River is a popular spot for paddling while in the area. Several lakes and ponds throughout the area expand your floating options.

6. See a Waterfall

Diana’s Baths is a beautiful waterfall near North Conway that’s worth a visit. You can reach the falls after a quick, easy hike that’s just over half a mile. Put on your swimming suits before leaving your vacation rental. The water is shallow enough to wade and splash in while you’re at the falls. Watch young kids closely on the slippery rocks.

7. Go Fishing

You don’t have to go far to find bodies of water near North Conway. Pack your fishing poles, so you can cast a line into one of several lakes or rivers near town. Conway Lake offers up smallmouth and largemouth bass for your fishing enjoyment. Silver Lake south of town is another place you can catch bass. Fire up the stove or start a campfire at your vacation rental to cook up everything you catch.

8. Play Mini Golf

They may not be natural, but the waterfalls at Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf offer the perfect backdrop for a friendly round of mini golf. The pirate theme adds to the excitement of this stop.

UberBlast is another North Conway option. The 18-hole mini golf course sits on a slope to add to the fun. Other attractions at UberBlast include an inflatable play area, laser tag, and an arcade. With so many options, UberBlast offers entertainment for all ages.

9. Catch a Performance

Check the schedule of upcoming shows at the award-winning M&D Playhouse in North Conway to find a show that appeals to your kids. While many of the productions are targeted toward an older child or adult audience, the theater does offer children’s productions suitable for younger kids occasionally. The small size of the theater offers an intimate experience no matter what performance you see.

10. Look for Moose

New England offers a prime habitat for moose, and you can see these magnificent animals in their natural habitat when you take a moose tour. The tours take you out into the wilderness of New Hampshire for a chance to see moose and other wildlife. Some tours require you to hike, canoe, or snowshoe, depending on the time of year. The tours are suitable for any kids old enough to handle the physical aspect of the trek.

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