Although formed in 1965, Lincoln City, Oregon has amassed more than enough attractions to fill several large cities. After you book a stay at one of many incredible Lincoln City vacation rentals, your next task is deciding which wonderful activities to fill your days with. That said, here are the top 15 activities to enjoy while vacationing in Lincoln City.

1. Enjoy the Summer Kite Festival

Challenge yourself to new kite-flying heights in Lincoln City. The family-friendly Summer Kite Festival combines expert demonstrations, kite-making lessons for kids, music, and bol-running. The party takes place on one of Lincoln City’s pristine beaches, where you’ll see local purveyors selling kites and supplies in preparation for the festival and year-round for general kite-flying fun.

2. Visit Lincoln City Cultural Center

Mingle with the locals at the Lincoln City Cultural Center, home of the Lincoln City Visitor Information Center. Pick up maps and guides, tour galleries featuring local artists, or attend one of several special events and performances occurring throughout the year. The center also hosts art classes, dance, yoga, and zumba for the whole family.

3. North Lincoln County Historical Museum

Learn about Lincoln County’s history at the North Lincoln County Historical Museum. Admission is free, and this rainy-day excursion boasts a series of colorful, interactive galleries that reveal the hyperlocal culture of Lincoln City through the centuries. You’ll learn about Native American beadwork, homesteading traditions, early tourism, and modern industry.

4. Find a Glass Float

Finders Keepers is a Lincoln City scavenger festival that runs from October through May. Renowned local artists create iconic blown-glass floats that they stash on Lincoln City’s beaches. If you find a float, keep it! The activity also doubles as a self-guided tour of Lincoln City’s stunning beaches, lakes, and recreation areas. You can register any specially numbered floats you find and claim, and you’ll receive a certificate of authenticity for each one.

5. Learn to Make Glass Floats

Lincoln City Glass Art studio hosts daily classes in the art of glassblowing. Children ages 8 and older who are at least 46 inches tall can participate. The studio also allows spectators to observe and audit lessons. An adjacent gallery showcases standout work created by advanced students and local artists.

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6. Go Horseback Riding on the Beach

Lincoln City features multiple coastal areas where Oregon Beach Rides escorts families on mid-morning and afternoon horseback rides. The company operates seven days per week, so you can easily schedule this activity into your vacation time. The local dune-filled landscapes are home to deer, elk, and birds, and seal and whale sightings in the nearby waters are common. Children 6 years of age and older can ride, and horses are available for all skill levels.

7. Pop Ollies at Kirtsis Park

If you have skateboarders in your entourage, they’re in luck, as Lincoln City boasts one of the most gnarly skateboard parks in the United States. Kirtsis Park attracts pros and amateurs, thanks to its three bowls and rare crater, so make sure the skaters in your family pack their boards and protective gear.

8. Enjoy Siletz Bay Music Festival

Expose your kids to jazz, chamber music, and musical theater at the annual Siletz Bay Music Festival. Dedicated to bringing music and education to the Central Oregon Coast, this festival features a mixture of local and international shows at local venues. You’ll hear everything from bands playing music by Bach to songs from the play “West Side Story.” Many concerts in the series are free to attend.

9. Visit the Oregon Coast Aquarium

Mix fun and education at the Oregon Coast Aquarium, which illuminates the flora, fauna, wildlife, and maritime history of the entire Oregon Coast in a series of engaging, ever-changing exhibits, such as Secrets of Shipwrecks, Rocky Shores, Harbor Seals, and Giant Pacific Octopus. Book an animal encounter or a tour, dive the aquarium, spy on sea creatures through the Aquari-Cam, or attend a special family-friendly aquarium event.

10. Shop at the Lincoln City Outlets

On those unavoidable rainy days, hit the Lincoln City Outlets for your required dose of happiness-inducing retail therapy. The mall contains roughly 50 stores that are a mixture of national and regional retail chains. There’s also a full food court on-site where you can refuel between searches for sales. Stroll the indoor promenades if you want to window shop or snag deals on your favorite brands.

11. Play Games at the Arcade Bar and Grill

Game Over Arcade Bar and Grill is your source of nearly 100 retro and on-trend video games, such as Donkey Kong and Pac-Man as well as pinball machines. The atmosphere is welcoming to families, but the attached sports bar with high-def television sets is for individuals ages 21 and over only. The arcade is open to kids between 4 p.m. and 9 p.m., and Game Over also hosts parties and special family events.

12. Visit the All American Putt N Bat

Tighten your pre-shot routine at the All American Putt N Bat, an indoor series of handmade mini golf courses and batting cages. Each course is 18 holes, and children under four play for free. Host a mini-golf or batting birthday party in the on-site party room, which you can book for two or more hours.

13. Bowl at DeLake Bowl

Make it a night of healthy competition and strikes at DeLake Bowl, which packs professionally waxed lanes, billiards, and a down-home full-counter diner into an intimate, retro-looking bowling alley. Locals rave about the original 1950s decor and ambiance.

14. Go On A Guided Paddle Boat Tour

Lincoln City is stand up paddle boarding (SUP) heaven, with choice spots on Devil’s Lake, Siletz Bay, Salmon River Estuary, and Schooner Creek. Kayak Tillamook and KLG Adventures can set you up with lessons and guided tours, while Lincoln City Surf Shop provides paddle board and equipment rentals.

15. Satiate Your Sweet Tooth at Reads Homemade Candies

When you’re in the mood for a treat, head to Reads Homemade Candies, a local treasure of all things sweet and delectable. Reads produces scrumptious, locally celebrated taffy, preparing each small batch in full view of customers. Reads also makes chocolate, nut cookies, gluten-free baked goods, and English toffee.

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