Enjoy a vacation in the mountains when you book an Idyllwild vacation rental. This quaint mountain town in California is a magnet for artists, attracting artisans and musicians who present their art to the locals and visitors. Take a stroll under the pine trees to enjoy the beauty of nature, or tour through boutique art galleries and shops. Take a look at some of the top activities to enjoy when you visit Idyllwild.

1. Enjoy a Picnic Lunch at Idyllwild Nature Center

If you’re visiting Idyllwild with your family, the Idyllwild Nature Center is a perfect place to introduce your kids to nature. Two hikes around the grounds are easy enough for kids, even for the littlest ones, and inside the center, your kids are likely to love learning about the animals in the area and doing various activities. Come early on a warm day to enjoy the morning coolness, and pack a picnic lunch at your vacation rental to enjoy at the nature center. Stop at the gift store as you leave to pick up local hiking guides, crafts projects for your kids, and artwork from local artists to commemorate your visit.

2. Snack Your Way Through Town and Start With Candy Cupboard

Idyllwild is filled with fun little eateries and takeout places that provide a delightful way to nibble through your day. Stop by Candy Cupboard to enjoy delectable handmade candies, and challenge yourself when you try the salted caramel with habanero peppers. At Higher Grounds, you can kick back with a great cup of coffee or hot chocolate while you challenge your family members to a game of checkers or another board game. The cinnamon rolls at Honey Bunns are so good, you’re likely to want to grab a half dozen for breakfast back at your vacation rental, and the jerky lovers in your group definitely shouldn’t miss the kangaroo jerky at Grandpa’s Jerky. Relax as the sun starts to go down with a glass of wine at Idyll Awhile, where you can enjoy live music and an outstanding cheese board.

3. One-of-a-Kind Shopping at Antique Gifts and Collectibles

Quaint shops, artisan’s galleries, and antique stores dot the meandering streets of Idyllwild, and you can spend a happy day just wandering from one to the next. Check out Antique Gifts and Collectibles for vintage vinyl records and charming antiques, or stop by Artspresso if you prefer art that’s a little more modern. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself choosing the perfect piece to hang over the mantel at home.

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4. Hike to Tahquitz Peak With Trail Maps From the Hub

Tahquitz Peak, a stony overcropping that hangs over Idyllwild, is a must-hike if you’re in good shape. The trailhead is just a few minutes outside the town of Idyllwild, but you should count on a good half-day for the hike. A slightly less strenuous hike, though the names sound intimidating, takes you to Suicide Rock. If mountain biking is more your style, rent some bikes at The Hub and ask them for trail maps so you can explore the area. If you need boots, maps, or other hiking gear, stop at Nomad Ventures to get yourself outfitted.

5. View the Work of Local Artists at Singerton Fine Arts

Head to Singerton Fine Arts to check out the work of award-winning local artists. Whether you love landscape paintings, sculpture, photography, glass art, or even jewelry, you’ll find yourself intrigued by the artisanal work displayed here.

6. Get a Massage at Idyllwild Wellness Waters and Massage

What’s the point of a vacation if you’re not going to unwind a bit? Take your relaxing seriously when you head to Idyllwild Wellness Waters and Massage, one of the top attractions in town. You can choose from a wide range of massage packages and other spa treatments, with fully certified massage therapists working on your body to help tense muscles relax.

7. Enjoy a Concert, Art Show, or Play at the Idyllwild Arts Academy

The Idyllwild Arts Academy, known for decades as the Idyllwild School of Music and the Arts, is one of the key attractions that makes this mountain town a haven for artists. Students come from all over the country to study the arts here, especially music, with summer programs that provide intensive training. If you’re visiting in August, don’t miss the Jazz in the Pines concerts, which take place all around town, including at the Holmes Amphitheater and French Quarter bistro. Watch the Academy’s schedule for exhibits of Native American art or performances of plays.

8. Sample the Local Wines at Middle Ridge Winery

If you’re in Idyllwild for a special occasion, such as a birthday, a bachelorette weekend, or a family reunion, head to the Middle Ridge Winery to celebrate together. This winery specializes in boutique wines and holds regular tastings. Don’t be surprised if you want to pick up a few bottles to enjoy back at your vacation rental.

9. Pick Up Sandwiches From Gary’s Deli to Enjoy at Idyllwild Park

Whether you want to go fishing, do some rock climbing, or relax in the shade and enjoy an afternoon with friends, Idyllwild Park provides open space and beautiful pine trees. During the summer, check out the full range of outdoor events. Pick up sandwiches for lunch at Gary’s Deli in town, then trek the short distance to enjoy a day at the park.

10. Bike the Mountain With Local Knowledge From Idyllwild Cycling

Check in with local cyclists at Idyllwild Cycling to learn about great road cycling options around town. In the spring, don’t miss the Idyllwild Spring Challenge, an exciting race when local roads close down and everyone does their best to win. After the race, whether you’re riding or cheering on from the sidelines, grab lunch at Idyllwild Pizza Company, one of the race’s sponsors.

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