Founded in 1630, the city of Boston, Masachusetts has a rich history. Finding a vacation rental in Boston is as easy as selecting the right neighborhood. In proximity to Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and the University of Massachusetts, Boston serves as a prominent college town. You and your children can enjoy a vacation filled with history, art, cultural events, and tons of sightseeing. Book a stay at a lovely Boston vacation rental today. Check out the most exciting family-friendly activities in Boston.

1. Walk the Freedom Trail

The Freedom Trail stretches 2.5 miles through the city and passes some of the city’s must-see attractions. It’s a great way to burn off your children’s energy from time in the car traveling to Boston and get your bearings by following the red line. You can navigate the trail yourself or sign on for one of the guided tours where the host wears period costume. While walking along the Freedom Trail, your family will learn more about Boston’s role in the American Revolutionary War and the country’s fight for freedom from the British.

2. Faneuil Hall Marketplace

The Faneuil Hall Marketplace is a collection of four markets, Faneuil Hall, Quincy Market, North Market and South Market. It’s a great place to spend an afternoon shopping, getting a snack at one of the cafes, and learning more about history. Samuel Adams stood outside of Faneuil Hall and rallied people to oppose British rule. In this area, Jonathan Mayhew uttered the famous words, “no taxation without representation, in response to the newly passed Sugar Act of 1764.

3. Franklin Park Zoo

Take your kids to the Franklin Park Zoo to see their favorite animals in this 72-acre park with 1,000s of animals. It’s become common place for zoos to have animal experiences but the Franklin Park Zoo takes it to the next level with the Camel Trek, where your family can actually ride on the back of a camel. If camels aren’t your thing, then load the family on the zoo’s train and ride around the park. This zoo offers a 10,000 square feet playground with an animal theme.

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4. New England Aquarium

Stretching four-stories, the New England Aquarium houses many unique and beautiful aquatic sea animals. Your kids can put their hands in a touch tank and feel the skin of a stingray or small shark. There’s also the chance to touch a starfish and hold a hermit crab. Inside the building, there are exhibits with penguins and seals. After viewing all the aquariums and sea exhibits, take the family over to the IMAX theater to see a movie in a new light.

5. Museum of Science

Teach your kids more about science without them even realizing it at the Museum of Science. This museum focuses on ensuring that kids have a good time as they explore topics, including astronomy, anatomy, and dinosaur fossils. For older kids, there’s a ride that simulates the feel of a roller coaster, and kids of all ages will enjoy the butterfly garden. This location also offers IMAX films as well as a planetarium experience.

6. Paul Revere House

After a tour of the Paul Revere House, your kids will cry, “the British are coming,” for the rest of the day. While touring the homes, your family will get the chance to see what life was really like in Colonial America, and the challenges that our ancestors faced on a daily basis. Inside the home, you’ll find many pieces of furniture and other household items that are authentic to the time period of the 1700s.

7. Boston Children’s Museum

The gigantic milk bottle at the front of the building is your first hint that you’ve made it to the Boston Children’s Museum. Your kids will enjoy playing with the hands-on exhibits that include a scaled down Japanese home and the chance to create massive soap bubbles. Children can also create racetracks and put on a performance while visiting the museum.

8. Boston Common

This historic park has the honor of the oldest public park in the United States as it was a popular place for people to gather and give speeches in the wake of the American Revolution. Pack a picnic lunch at your vacation rental and spread a blanket out on the grass for a family meal, or bring a frisbee to toss around with the kids or let them run around while you catch up on your reading.

9. Old North Church

No visit to Boston is complete without a visit to the Old North Church. In this church, your family will learn even more about Paul Revere’s famous ride and Boston’s role in the American Revolution. When the British began their invasion of the city, two churchmen, Robert Newman and Captain John Pulling, Jr. went to the church tower and held up two lanterns since the British arrived by sea. This is the starting point for Revere’s legendary ride.

10. Boston Harbor Cruise

The historic Boston Harbor comes to life when your family takes a cruise out onto the water, and you don’t even need to dump any tea first. While out on your water tour, you’ll learn more about the town’s history during and after the Revolutionary War. Depending on the time of year, your family might get to see the whales that make their home in this area.

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