Bethany Beach lies on Delaware’s coast between Little Assawoman Bay to the south, and Indian River Bay to the north. Other than boasting plenty of sandy beaches and access to the Atlantic Ocean, the town is also within a short drive of the Assawoman Wildlife Area. This charming coastal town is home to a bounty of attractions. Book a stay at a Bethany Beach vacation rental today for an unforgettable getaway. Here are the top activities that you can enjoy at Bethany Beach.

1. Ride the Bethany Beach Trolley

The Bethany Beach Trolley isn’t just the easiest way to get around–no looking for parking spaces for you–but it’s also a delightful ride for the kids that shows off the entire Bethany Beach Trolley. With 17 stops, you can explore the entire city for just cents.

2. Explore the Shipwreck Museum

Both adults and kids alike are entranced by shipwrecks, which you can discover with the family at the Shipwreck Museum. This museum has over 10,000 shipwreck artifacts from some of the most well-known wrecks around the world such as the incredibly rare hourglass from the Coconut Wreck, a merchant ship that sunk in 1809 in the Bermuda Triangle.

3. Visit Bethany Beach Nature Center

While taking your trolly ride, stop at the Bethany Beach Nature Center conveniently located on its route. The interactive exhibits include a virtual exploration of the Inland Bays, a Kidz Nature Adventure, and an I-Wall presentation. Take a walk through the 26-acre conservation area to see what you just learned in real life.

4. Go Miniature Golfing at Captain Jack’s Pirate Golf Course

Captain Jack’s Pirate Golf course is all about the pirates, something that the kids are sure to love. In fact, you have to golf around a 50-foot pirate ship as well as water hazards, rope bridges, and other challenges.

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5. Browse Bethany Beach Books

Don’t leave without visiting the quaint, independently-owned Bethany Beach Books, a fun little store that boasts a coastal cottage look on both the outside and the inside. You can pick up some books for beach reading or just restock your personal collection. Furthermore, this bookstore has several events from author signings to story times.

6. Tour the Indian River Life-Saving Station

After exploring the Shipwreck Museum, stop at the Indian River Life-Saving Station built to prevent those wrecks. Built in 1876, the building has been fully restored and is now considered as a National Historic Place. Your family can tour the station and grab some souvenirs at the gift shop before swimming or hiking at the Delaware Seashore State Park.

7. Learn to Skim at Relyance Skim Camp

Enroll your kids at Relyance Skim Camp to learn and have fun at the same time. There are a variety of lesson options from a one-day skim camp, perfect for learning the basics, to a mini week for some serious boarding. If skim-boarding isn’t you or your kids’, thing, then sign up for surfing instead and learn a new skill.

8. Rent a Bike at Bethany Bike Shop

Bethany Beach boasts some great bicycling paths around town and down the coast. Biking is a great way to see the area on a more intimate level and get exercise, so stop at Bethany Bike Shop and rent some bicycles for you and the kids. There are sizes available for every age and skill level, and you can also rent strollers to pull small children who haven’t yet mastered bike riding yet.

9. Visit Bethany Boathouse

Bethany Boathouse isn’t just a place to get a meal; it’s an experience. The coastal look is paired with outdoor seating for a warm local vibe, and there’s live music and fresh seafood to round out the New England experience. Chow down on some fried shrimp or fish and chips, and there’s also a kids’ menu featuring chicken tenders, tacos, and cheeseburgers.

10. Climb Fenwick Island Lighthouse

Fenwick Island Lighthouse, built in 1859, measures 87 feet in height and possesses a gigantic Fresnel lens that warned ships away from the rocky barrier island. Although it’s no longer used to light the darkness, it’s a great place to take the family. Climb the tower and enjoy the view, then meander through the museum and pick up some mementos.

11. Satiate Your Sweet Tooth at Sandy Pony Donuts

There are any number of fun bakeries and dessert eateries at Bethany Beach including Beach Break Bakrie and Cafe as well as Sandy Pony Donuts. While the Beach Break Bakrie has breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus, it also boasts an impressive area of baked goods. Sandy Pony Donuts, however, specializes in donuts and offers an astonishing variety. For example, there’s the blueberry pie donut containing blueberry glaze and graham crackers, and the banana-glazed dirty banana with an Oreo crumble topping.

12. Try Parasailing with the Folks at Sharks Cove Marina

Go over to Sharks Cove Marina for some water sports. The marina not only offers boat and waverunner rentals, but it also provides parasailing. There, at heights reaching up to 1,000 feet in the air, you find that it’s the perfect way to enjoy the beauty around you. Plus, you can fly up to three people at once so you can buddy up with the kids. You can also do watersports at the Indian River Marina to the north.

13. Stock Up on Fresh Seafood at the South Bethany Seafood Market

The South Bethany Seafood Market has all the fresh seafood that you could want. Order shrimp by the pound, oysters to take home and prepare, or get fresh hand-picked crab meat for an easy meal. There are also salmon, mussels, lobster, and clams. If you’re going for easy, get a ready-made seafood dish like a lobster roll or crab cake.

14. Exercise on Bethany Beach

Enjoy the beach a bit differently with Yoga on the Beach, Pilates on the Beach, or Bootcamp on the Beach. Even the kids are sure to enjoy the blend of exercise and fun.

15. Go on a Back Bay Tour

Explore the river bays at Back Bay Tours. The Sandbar Exploration is the perfect trip for the family. Here you look for crabs, starfish, and the waterfowl that nest in the area. The sunset cruise takes you around the Indian River Bay where you can see some dolphins. Then there is the fishing tour, a three-hour trip with just you and the family.

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