Stay in Beavers Bend State Park to experience both the history and modern amenities of McCurtain County, Oklahoma. Many Beavers Bend vacation rentals allows you and your family to enjoy easy access to nearby museums and historic attractions. See prehistoric dinosaur bones alongside Native American art, or experience pioneer life at the local folk festival. Spend a rainy day at an indoor roller rink or arcade, and sunny days can be spent outside with a round of mini golf. During the warmer months, this nature-focused region offers much in the way of outdoor adventure, from horseback riding and hiking to freshwater diving and canoeing. Check out the most popular family-friendly activities in Beavers Bend.

1. Take a Hike or Enjoy a Park

Beavers Bend Resort Park offers lush greenery and plenty of space for outdoor activities like frisbee, fishing, golf, and hiking. Head north of Beavers Bend to Hochatown State Park, a connected park area featuring clean lakes and streams, and incredible views of the mountains. Pack your swim suit and canoe, and enjoy a day on the water in one of these lakes, or stay on land and try to reel in the catch of the day.

2. Go Horseback Riding

Beavers Bend and the surrounding area of Broken Bow are popular spots for horseback riding. Visit one of the local riding outfitters to pick up some new gear or learn the ropes. If you’re an experienced rider or your kids have taken previous lessons, head out on one of the local riding trails for a day of spectacular views. New to horseback riding? Have a guide teach you the basics in a safe corral environment. A vacation rental in Beavers Bend provides ample opportunity for horse-loving kids to get started.

3. Experience Oklahoma Culture at the Folk Festival

Book a vacation rental in November to enjoy the annual Beavers Bend Folk Festival and Craft Show. Enjoy live folk music performances and craft demonstrations. Take the kids to the petting zoo, or enjoy some handmade snacks made in turn-of-the-century style. Pretend you’re back in the pioneer days of Beavers Bend at this annual event.

4. Scuba or Snorkel in Broken Bow Lake

Get a unique first-hand look at some of the lesser-known wildlife in Broken Bow and Beavers Bend by spending a day diving in Broken Bow Lake. This deep lake is packed with exciting species of fish and underwater foliage, not to mention interesting rock formations due to its close proximity to the mountains. Bring along a snorkel and some flippers to enjoy the view from shallower waters.

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5. Take Advantage of Amusement Park-Style Attractions

Break out your putter and enjoy an afternoon of mini-golf at Hochatown Amusements, which is in Hochatown State Park to the north of Beavers Bend. Feeling a need for speed? This park also offers a NASCAR go-cart track with cars to suit kids and adults. Put on your helmet and race to the finish.

6. Observe the Night Sky and Wildlife

Stay at a vacation rental cabin within Beavers Bend Resort Park to take advantage of nighttime campfire facilities. Check to make sure that fires are permitted during your stay, and if so, cozy up around the fire pit and regale your family with some ghostly tales. Take a nighttime walk along one of the safe designated trails, and keep your eyes and ears open to spot owls, bats, frogs, and other nocturnal species. Be sure to bring a friend and a flashlight on your adventure.

7. Spot a Piece of History

McCurtain County is home to numerous historical landmarks, ranging from old town markers and signs to heritage buildings and arches. Spend a day wandering on foot, or take the car to discover as many of these landmarks as you can. Take a family photo next to a piece of American pioneer history. Highlights include the Garvin Rock Church, Wheelock Mission and Academy, and the Miller Court House.

8. Go For a Spin at Rocket Roller Rink

Spend an active afternoon practicing your roller-skating moves on this roller rink that’s open to all ages and skill levels. Strap on some knee pads and race around the track. Experienced staff is on hand to help you hone your technique. When the kids get tired, take a break and enjoy a round of pool at one of the indoor billiards tables. Before heading back to your vacation rental, play some video games in the attached arcade.

9. See Real Dinosaur Bones at the Museum of the Red River

Book your vacation rental near the town of Idabel, bordering Beavers Bend Resort Park, for a quick walk to the Museum of the Red River. See the most complete Acrocanthosaurus skeleton ever discovered, fully assembled and on display in all its glory. Enjoy a huge, comprehensive collection of Native American art, and introduce your kids to both the ancient and contemporary history of McCurtain county and the surrounding terrain. Check the list of exhibitions for information about workshops and family activities.

10. Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at the Whip Poor Will Fudge Factory

Get a taste of down-home Oklahoma confectionery at Whip Poor Will Fudge Factory. Stop by after a day in the park to recharge your batteries or to pick up a special campfire treat. Choose from freshly made fudge in classic flavors like chocolate and vanilla, as well as new inventions and seasonal varieties like pumpkin pie. Pack some fudge on your next hike to ensure your energy level is at its maximum.

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