Experience the Pacific Northwest in the quiet coastal town of Bandon. Surrounded by stunning ocean vistas, rushing streams, and densely wooded areas, Bandon Vacation Rentals offer a nature-based vacation near activities suitable for kids of all ages. Select Bandon vacation rentals that fit your family’s needs where you’ll have a cozy place to call your own while you explore the wilds of Bandon. Here are 11 of our favorite things to do with kids on a trip to Bandon.

1. See the Lighthouse

The Coquille River Lighthouse stands prominently along the horizon in Bullards State Park. Travel the beach access road in the park to reach the lighthouse. Kids enjoy running around the building and gazing up at the tower. While you can’t climb the tower for safety reasons, you can check out the fog/signal room and chat with interpreters who staff the lighthouse from mid-May to the end of September. Enjoy the views of the lighthouse and the water beyond.

2. Go Fishing

With so much water surrounding Bandon, fishing is a natural option. Fish from the shore along the area lakes and rivers to enjoy an easy fishing trip with kids. Younger kids may have fun searching the shoreline for treasures while older kids fish. Another option is to charter a fishing boat to head out into the ocean. The area is also perfect for crabbing and clamming to give your kids a new experience. Reel in your dinner, and take it back to your vacation rental to cook in your kitchen.

3. Explore the Beach

The beaches in Bandon offer beautiful views of the Pacific Northwest coastline with treasures along the way. Bandon is a relatively quiet town, so you don’t have to deal with crowded beaches. Huge rock formations along the Bandon beaches attract harbor seals and birds. Look closely at the rocks to find sea anemones and starfish holding onto the sides, then relax as you watch sunsets during your trip.

4. Visit Wild Animals

Animals are usually a hit with kids, and the West Coast Game Park Safari in Bandon lets you see all types of wild and domesticated animals. Goats, sheep, deer, and peacocks roam freely inside the park. Buy your kids grain in the gift shop, so they can feed these roaming animals. You can also check out tigers, lions, leopards, reindeer, bison, wallabies, lemurs, and many other animal species in exhibits throughout the park. Check the schedule for ambassador animal interactions, where your kids can get close to different animals.

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5. Go Horseback Riding

Check out the Bandon shoreline from a different perspective with a horseback ride along the beach. Bandon Beach Riding Stables offer tours along the beach throughout the day in the summer. Each ride lasts one to two hours, and kids of all ages are welcome to ride. You don’t need previous experience for the beach rides, but make sure your kids feel comfortable on horses before starting. Recount your stories about the horseback adventure while relaxing on the deck of your vacation rental.

6. Enjoy Nature

You don’t have to look far to find natural beauty in Bandon. The New River Nature Center is a good spot to take in nature. Just south of Bandon, the New River offers views of the water, birds, and other wildlife. Head out in kayaks with your older kids to explore beyond the shores. The interpretive center provides additional information about the area. If you bring your own kayaks to explore the area, opt for a vacation rental with a garage or storage area to protect them.

7. Play at the Park

Sometimes kids just need to run and play. Bandon City Park offers acres of space for just that purpose. Enjoy the playground with younger kids, or challenge older kids to a pickup game on the baseball fields. A disc golf course and skate park offer additional activity options for your older kids, and walking trails give you a chance to stretch your legs as a family. Pack a lunch before you leave your vacation rental for the day, and enjoy it at one of the many picnic tables or the gazebo in the park.

8. See Trash Art

Washed Ashore is an organization that aims to educate people about the danger of trash in the ocean. The organization achieves this goal through sea-related sculptures created from trash cleaned up from beaches and oceans. Angela Haseltine Pozzi is the artist behind the Washed Ashore sculptures. While the sculptures are on display throughout the country, the organization is based in Bandon. Check out the sculptures on display in town. The sculptures are beautiful, but they also open up conversations with your kids about taking care of the environment.

9. Visit the Museum

The Bandon Historical Society Museum packs a lot of history about the area in a small space. Exhibits focus on Bandon’s unique history, including its huge role in the cranberry industry. Other exhibits focus on lumber, household artifacts, Native American culture, and maritime history. Take older kids to the museum, and learn more about the sites you pass on your way back to your vacation rental.

10. Ride Bikes

Riding bikes is an ideal way to get around Bandon. You can even ride on the beach with fat tire bikes, which you can rent from South Coast Bicycles. The wide tires go right over the sandy beaches, so you can cover more ground. Look for vacation rentals with garages if you plan to bring your own bikes.

11. Go Hiking

Trails are plentiful in the areas around Bandon. Pack a bag with the essentials before leaving your vacation rental and head out for adventures. Stick to shorter trails if you have young kids in your group. Older kids can handle longer hikes that delve deep into Bandon’s natural beauty.

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