The Jersey Shore may be famous for its wild nightlife, but the area also features a variety of less rambunctious attractions. It’s a wonderful, family-friendly vacation destination with plenty to offer visitors of all ages. Whether you’re relaxing on a pristine beach, exploring the many amusement parks, people-watching on a boardwalk, or taking in the scenic nature, you’re sure to fall in love with the Jersey Shore. Book a stay at one of many incredible Jersey Shore vacation rentals today. Here are the top nine things to do in Jersey Shore with your family.

1. Morey’s Piers & Beachfront Waterparks

Located on Wildwoods’ Boardwalk, Morey’s Piers is the perfect place to spend a hot day. This destination features two different water parks: Raging Waters and Ocean Oasis. Raging Waters is inspired by shipwrecks. It features two play areas, called Shipwreck Shoals and Camp KidTastrophe, that are designed just for kids. Ocean Oasis is a tropical paradise that boasts a variety of rides for all ages. Head to the Lazy River, and lay back and enjoy some live music as you float down the scenic waterway. If you don’t feel like getting wet, head over to Mariner’s Pier, Surfside Pier, or Adventure Pier, the three on-site amusement parks.

2. Ocean City Boardwalk

The Shore is world-famous for its piers and boardwalks, and the Ocean City Boardwalk is easily one of the best. It’s packed with one-of-a-kind novelty shops and restaurants and some fantastic amusement park rides. Take a stroll to the inlet parking lot, where you’ll find Trimper’s. It’s a must-visit amusement park that’s most famous for its gorgeous two-tiered Venetian style merry-go-round that was built in 1902. Other popular rides include the Jolly Roger, Giant Ferris Wheel, and Ripley’s Mirror Maze. If you’re looking to make some memories with your family, Ocean City Boardwalk is one of the most classic, iconic spots on Jersey Shore.

3. Jersey Shore Alpacas

Alpacas are some of the cutest critters out there, and now you and your family can get up close and personal with them. Jersey Shore Alpacas is a charming farm that offers opportunities for visitors to meet and even feed the fun, furry animals. If you visit on an “Open Farm” day, there is no charge to feed the animals, and the farm even provides carrots for you. You can also book personal tours any day of the week that gives you, even more, access to the animals and the farm they call home.

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4. Silverball Museum Arcade

The Silverball Museum Arcade is truly a slice of Americana that’s sure to be nostalgic for adults and a blast for the kids. It hosts a huge variety of fantastic pinball machines, spanning original, vintage machines made in 1950 all the way up to today’s best modern classics. Each machine is topped by a card with fascinating information about the machine’s history. In addition to pinball, the arcade/museum offers 80s arcade games, skee ball, air hockey, and plenty of other games and attractions. If you get hungry, take a break from playing games and enjoy some pizza or other New Jersey boardwalk treats.

5. Jersey Shore Pirates

If your child has ever dreamed of swashbuckling and sailing the seven seas, the Jersey Shore Pirates attraction is a dream come true. The whole family will board the Sea Gypsy pirate ship and enjoy a cruise down the Metedeconk River. Before setting sail, the kids get to dress up in pirate costumes, paint their faces, and learn some pirate slang. Once the journey begins, the kids get to enjoy awesome interactive activities, including reading a treasure map, defeating enemy pirates, and discovering a secret message in a bottle. All of the pirates are friendly, so don’t worry about the young ones getting frightened.

6. Screamer Boat Ride

Have you ever wanted to combine dolphin watching and speed boat thrills? Here’s your chance! The Screamer is a 44-foot-high speed boat that fits up to 38 people. It’s comfortable, safe, and fast. This thrilling attraction is for children ages 3 and older, and children under 12 get a discounted admission. Enjoy cruising along the shoreline of Ocean City, as dolphins play and jump in the wake. Seeing dolphins in the wild is an unforgettable experience, and so is riding in a massive speed boat. This is one ride the whole family is sure to love.

7. Jenkinson’s Boardwalk and Aquarium

Jenkinson’s Boardwalk in Jersey Shore’s beautiful Point Pleasant Beach boasts a huge range of things to do, including an aquarium. Jenkinson’s Aquarium is an exciting beachfront attraction for the whole family. As you explore the facility, you’ll get to see a wide variety of marine wildlife, including sharks, turtles, starfish, jellyfish, and many different types of fresh and saltwater fish. You can also get a front-row seat while the penguins, seals, and sharks are fed. Once you’re done visiting the fascinating aquatic creatures, be sure to explore the rest of the boardwalk, where you’ll be treated to amusement rides, arcades, a ropes course, and many other classic Jersey Shore attractions. To top it all off, the beach is just a stone’s throw away, making Point Pleasant Beach one of the best areas to look for vacation rentals.

8. Island Water Sports

If you want to spend the day getting wet, Island Water Sports is a solid choice. You can rent a wide variety of water sports equipment, including jet skis and wave runners, kayaks, paddleboards, and flyboards. Before you start your aquatic adventure, be sure to check out the shop’s Aqua Park. Located right on the water, it’s a huge playground with a blob launch pad, climbing wall and cliff, slides, and so much more. There are also packages available specifically for kids that include entry to the Aqua Park, water skiing, and wakeboarding lessons, and tube rides.

9. Cape May County Park & Zoo

What better way to make memories with the family than a trip to the zoo? This amazing zoo is chock full of exotic wildlife, and best of all, admission is completely free! From lions, cheetahs, and tigers to monkeys, zebras, and giraffes, this wonderful zoo has a huge variety of amazing creatures. When you’re done at the zoo, be sure to spend some time exploring the rest of the 200-acre park. Amenities include picnic areas, playgrounds, fishing ponds, biking/walking paths, and much more.

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