Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, Beech Mountain welcomes visitors all year long. In the winter months, this area becomes a ski lover’s paradise while the summer months offer all sorts of outdoor sports, including hiking and biking. Beech Mountain vacation rentals include trendy condos close to the ski slopes and rustic cabins tucked into the wooded areas. Your family can escape your daily life and trade it in for non-stop fun in the mountains. While making your plans, check out the top 10 things to do with your kids while staying in the area, so you never hear the dreaded words, “I’m bored.”

1. Skiing

One of the prime reasons for a visit to Beech Mountain in the winter months is to spend a day on the slopes. You can bring your own equipment and store it in the garage of your vacation rental, or rent everything you need at the resort. The resort offers nursery services for infants and toddlers, while kids a little older can spend a day in their own camp while the older kids and adults hit one of the 17 trails with varying difficulty levels.

2. Snow Tubing

At the Beech Mountain Ski Resort, there is a dedicated area for snow tubing that’s a new twist on your childhood sledding days. The course holds several two-hour sessions throughout the day, and you must buy tickets in person. The tickets go on sale two hours before the session begins, so stop by early to get tickets because the resort limits the number of people in each session to make sure everyone has plenty of sliding time. Kids must be at least 42-inches tall, and everyone rides alone in their tube. This park has several chutes that run for 700 feet.

3. Ice Skating

Another fun winter sport for your family is an afternoon of ice skating at the Beech Mountain Ski Resort’s outdoor ice skating rink. Skating is done in two-hour sessions like the tubing, but everyone in your family is welcome. In fact, kids under four skate for free. The cost of skating includes the skates, so you don’t need to worry about bring yours from home. Teach your kids how to turn, skate backward, or even just stand up.

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4. Enjoy the View

In 2013, Beech Mountain Ski Resort opened the 5506′ Bar at the top of the mountain. The name reflects the height of the mountain. In winter or summer, take the ski lift up to the summit, and grab a snack for the family from the snack bar and a drink for the adults. You’ll enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the Blue Ridge Mountains. In the summer months, there are a variety of programs at this venue, including yoga and trivia nights. If the weather is nice, they will open the retractable roof for amazing clear blue sky views.

5. Land of Oz

Check the schedule before planning your trip to Beech Mountain and opt for a time when the Land of Oz opens for one its events. This Wizard of Oz theme park dates back to the 1970s but has been closed to daily visitors for years. A couple of times a year, the park welcomes visitors to explore this defunct amusement park. You can take a guided tour with one of the characters to learn more about the park’s history.

6. Mountain Biking

At the Emerald Outback, your family can hit the trails and enjoy some mountain biking. Bring your mountain bikes from home and keep them at your vacation rental, or rent them from an outfitter in town. Tweens and teens can take the chair lift outfitted with carrying racks for bikes up to the top of the trails and ride down. For smaller kids, hike up one of the trails a short distance and enjoy a shorter ride.

7. Hiking

With nearly 30 miles of hiking paths, Beech Mountain is a great place to hit the trails for a day hike or just a couple of hours if you’re traveling with smaller children. Pack water and snacks before leaving your vacation rental to keep everyone’s energy up. The trails meander through old-growth forests with plenty of opportunities to see foxes, deer, and the occasional black or brown bear. If you do see a bear, very quietly walk away before it sees you.

8. Tweetsie Railroad

Gather the family in the car for the short drive to the Tweetsie Railroad, a nearby Wild-west themed amusement park. Pack a picnic lunch before leaving your vacation rental and use the tables outside the park for a family meal. While visiting the park, ride the rides at the County Fair area or play arcade games. Make sure to check the times to watch the gunslinger show on Main Street, and throw your kids in jail. You can even take a short ride on the park’s train.

9. Apple Hill Farm

Enjoy the scenic drive down the mountain and into the town of Banner Elk for a visit to the Apple Hill Farm. A tour guide will walk your family around the farm and provide you with information on what it takes to run a farm. Your kids will be thrilled to help care for and feed animals that include horses, llamas, chickens, cows, and much more. You can wander around the walking paths on your own after the tour.

10. Brick Oven Pizzeria Mini Golf

An evening at the Brick Oven Pizzeria Mini Golf just might be your kids’ idea of a perfect night. This family restaurant offers an 18-hole putt-putt course that leaves your family free to enjoy a little friendly competition. Let the winner choose the toppings for the pizza. After dinner, get the quarters out and head over to the arcade for some video games.

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