California’s Shaver Lake area is a wonderful place to enjoy a family vacation. Choose to stay in one of many beautiful Shaver Lake vacation rentals and spend your days relaxing on the lake. This area has activities for everyone in your family to enjoy. Some of the vacation rentals feature log exteriors, and many of the offerings sit on the shoreline. Here are the top 10 places in the Shaver Lake area to look for a place to stay.

1. Shaver Lake Southern Shore

The southwestern shore of Shaver Lake offers some appealing vacation rentals. Choose a lakefront log cabin with a dock and hot tub or a more modest cottage with a lake view. Use one of the available ramps to launch your boat and spend a day on the lake with your family.

2. Rock Haven

Located on the northwestern shore of the lake, Rock Haven offers vacation rentals framed by the lake on one side and soaring forests on the other. Spend a day on a trail ride with Shaver Stable, or enjoy a day of fishing from the banks of Shaver Lake.

3. Dinky Creek

Just a few minutes from the southeastern shores of Shaver Lake, Dinky Creek offers more modest vacation rentals and offers all of the amenities you and your family want. Enjoy a day of swimming at The Slicks, or head to Honeymoon Pool. Don’t forget your sunscreen.

4. Ockenden

Stay a short drive from Shaver lake in the small town of Ockenden. You and your family can settle into a large vacation home, or small, cozy cottage. In the winter months, take time out to hit the ski slopes at the China Peak Mountain Resort.

5. Tollhouse

To the southwest of Shaver Lake, Tollhouse offers you the best of both worlds. Select a log cabin or a more modern condo. You and the family can enjoy a day of apple picking, visit a pumpkin farm, or drive to the lake when you’re in the mood for a refreshing swim.

6. Mathew’s Mill

Enjoy small town life with a lake in your back yard when you decide to find a vacation rental in Mathew’s Mill. Set in the mountains near the Sierra Nevada forest, this town is minutes from Shaver Lake. Take your family for a ride on the Yosemite Mountain Sugar Pine Railroad, and capture memories by taking plenty of photos.

7. Big Creek

To the north of Shaver Lake sits the town of Big Creek. A vacation rental in this area gives your family easy access to both Shaver Lake and Hunington Lake. You can choose from a luxury home to a log cabin among the trees. During your vacation, set aside a day for hiking in the Sierra Nevada National Forest.

8. Camp Sierra

Enjoy a modest vacation rental with amazing views of Camp Sierra. This small community sits almost a mile above sea level. Spend your days hiking, or driving over to Shaver Lake for a day of boating. In the winter months, enjoy backcountry skiing with your family.

9. Alder Springs

Spend your days on Shaver Lake and your nights in a town at Alder Springs. Select a family vacation home, trendy condo, or romantic bed and breakfast. Gather the family, and explore with YExplore Yosemite Adventures. This group takes you on a guided hiking tour through the nearby Yosemite National Park.

10. Meadow Lakes

Enjoy a low key vacation in Meadow Lakes, and spend your days on Shaver Lake that sits less than 10 miles to the east. Find a family vacation rental tucked away in this naturally beautiful setting. If you visit during the winter months, take the family for a horse ride through the snow at Shaver Stables.