Situated just off the southwestern coast of Florida, Sanibel Island is a popular family destination with miles of beaches and plenty of activities to keep your family busy. The island also features several kid-friendly restaurants to help you refuel between adventures. Step away from the stove in your Sanibel Island vacation rental, and head to an eatery with kid-friendly menus, a casual environment, and great island views.

1. Blue Giraffe

With a fun name like Blue Giraffe, this restaurant naturally appeals to the younger members of your travel party. Its casual atmosphere means your little ones fit right in with the other families that frequent this Sanibel Island restaurant. The kid’s menu offers a wide variety of items to satisfy different taste preferences, and the adult menu offers just as much variety with unique dishes that make the experience enjoyable for you, too. Hand-painted tables give your kids something to enjoy while waiting for the food. Choose an outdoor table to enjoy the restaurant’s Periwinkle Place location, where you can stop by the local shops before or after your meal.

2. Lighthouse Cafe

As the self-proclaimed spot for “The World’s Best Breakfast, the Lighthouse Cafe is a must-stop if you’re craving eggs, hot cakes, and other breakfast staples, but this cozy option on the east end of the island offers a varied lunch and dinner menu, as well. The casual environment and friendly staff make you feel right at home, and lighthouse pictures throughout the restaurant give kids something to explore while waiting. Lighthouse Cafe is a popular option that’s been around since the 60s. Take advantage of the call ahead seating option to ensure a shorter wait time.

3. The Island Cow

The Island Cow keeps your little ones satisfied with familiar American cuisine served in a casual environment. Kids enjoy fun little touches like menus that look like newspapers. The restaurant itself looks like a house, and it’s just as cozy and inviting as you might expect. If you have active kids, opt for outdoor seating, so they can run around while waiting for their food to arrive. The restaurant offers multiple outdoor games to kids entertained. On weekends, enjoy live music as you eat coastal comfort foods from the extensive menu. Both kids and adults have plenty of options, as the menu features a mix of healthy and indulgent selections.

4. Sanibel Fish House

If your family loves seafood, head over to Sanibel Fish House, an award-winning restaurant known for serving some of the freshest cuisine in the area. The restaurant’s casual environment is suitable for all ages. While the menu focuses primarily on seafood, it does include other options like beef and chicken. The interior is colorful and fun, and the wall decorations give this establishment a vibrant look.

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5. Over Easy Cafe

Enjoy breakfast and lunch at Over Easy Cafe. The menu is extensive and includes some creative twists on classic breakfast items, but you can also order traditional, standard breakfast items like scrambled eggs, toast, and pancakes. This cozy spot features fun chicken-themed decor with colorful murals and decorations to delight your little ones. Outdoor seating is an option if you want to enjoy the fresh air.

6. Lazy Flamingo

Some of the best kid-friendly Sanibel Island restaurants feature animal names, and the Lazy Flamingo is on that list. Kids get a free Frisbee and collector’s cup with every kid’s meal, which makes the stop even more fun and gives them a fun activity to engage in back at your vacation rental. The menu features many seafood items, but the Lazy Flamingo also serves up American classics that suit a variety of tastes.

7. Cheeburger Cheeburger

If you’re looking for a quick, delicious meal with a fun atmosphere, head to Cheeburger Cheeburger, a fast food place with a fun 50s diner theme. Your kids don’t have to wait long for their food to arrive. The menu is a bit limited, as the restaurant focuses on burgers, but you can also get hot dogs, chicken, and vegetarian options. The restaurant also offers a variety of burger toppings, so you can customize your meal easily.

8. Cip’s Place

Cip’s Place is a good compromise option when you want to enjoy a nice meal in a casual environment that works for your kids. This restaurant has a strong connection to the island’s history, with murals of important Sanibel Island residents and scrapbooks your kids can look through while waiting for their food. Opt for the outdoor seating option to enjoy the fresh island air. The kid’s menu isn’t huge, but it offers good variety, so all of your kids can find something they enjoy. They also get a cookie and fruit with their meals for a fun kid-friendly touch.

9. Blue Coyote Supper Club

Don’t let its location at the Sanibel Island Golf Club keep you away from the Blue Coyote Supper Club. This casual dining spot is open to the public and has a fun coyote theme with plenty of fun artwork on the walls to keep your kids busy. A special kids’ menu offers enough variety to satisfy any picky palette, and your kids get coloring supplies to keep them busy while they wait. Adults get to enjoy upscale menu options served in a kid-friendly environment, so everyone is happy.

10. The Bubble Room

The Bubble Room is a must-visit if you take the quick trip to nearby Captiva Island. A colorful exterior gets your kids excited before you enter. Once inside, kids have a seemingly endless number of things to view on the walls. The rooms inside the restaurant feature different themes, including old Hollywood and Christmas themes. Fish tanks, trains, and other decorations add to the excitement for young visitors. The kids’ menu offers many kids’ classics, while the adult menu offers a wide variety of creative names that make the menu fun to browse. The Bubble Room is famous for its desserts, so plan to take some back to your vacation rental to enjoy later in the evening.

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