With 600 miles of shoreline, Sam Rayburn Lake is the largest body of water in the state of Texas and attracts countless visitors to the east Texas region each year. You’ll find many varieties of Sam Rayburn Reservoir vacation rentals, including single family homes, cabins, bungalows, waterfront properties, and hotels. There are ample boating ramps, camping locations, picnic spots, and swimming areas on and around the lake. If you’re planning a relaxing family vacation to Sam Rayburn Lake, reserve a vacation rental at one of these top 10 rental locations.

1. Jasper

Jasper is a small town just 10 miles south of Sam Rayburn Lake, making it a prime location to reserve a vacation rental. There, you’ll find waterfront properties, large family homes, small cabins, and condos. Enjoy multiple days of fishing, kayaking, swimming, and more with your loved ones, and when you’re not enjoying the lake, head over to Rayburn County Golf Course in Jasper to enjoy a few rounds of golf with your family.

2. Redland

Just north of Sam Rayburn lake, Redland is a very small Texas town where you can rent a waterfront property or single family home sitting on many acres of land. Redland is a secluded area that’s primarily residential, making it the perfect location for those who want a complete escape from city life. You’ll have easy and quick access to the lake, but be sure to bring all of your boating, fishing, and swimming supplies with you, as there aren’t many stores in the area.

3. Lufkin

Lufkin is approximately 20 miles from Sam Rayburn Lake and offers all types of vacation rentals, from modern single-family homes and luxury hotels to waterfront properties and cabins. Lufkin offers a few big city amenities as well, making it ideal for those who want to enjoy the lake and much more. If you want a break from the lake, head to Lufkin Mall for a day of shopping, or take the kids to the exciting dinosaur exhibit at the Naranjo Museum of Natural History.

4. Huntington

Approximately 9 miles from the lake, Huntington is a small town where you can reserve multiple types of waterfront vacation rentals, from large homes to small bungalows, and cabins. Rent a house with a boat dock if you plan to bring your watercraft from home. This is also a prime spot for hikers and bikers, as there are multiple trails in town. Two of the best hiking trails in the area are at Martin Dies Jr. State Park and Mission Tejas Park.

5. Nacogdoches

Nacogdoches is a great vacation destination. Just a few miles northeast of Sam Rayburn Lake, it offers vacation rentals on waterfront properties and various types of entertainment for you and your family to enjoy. Spend a few days boating and fishing at the lake, then hang out in the town of Nacogdoches, where you can enjoy a day of zip lining at Zip Nac, go hiking on Lanana Creek Trail, or ride water rides at Splash Kingdom Family Waterpark.

6. Etoile

If you want a vacation rental that’s right on the water and enjoy secluded, tranquil settings, reserve a vacation rental in Etoile. After settling in, head to Lowery’s Grocery Store to shop for all the essential items you’ll need during your stay. Spend your time fishing, boating, and bonding with your family during the day, and head over to Smokin’ Butts BBQ in the evening to enjoy a great meal.

7. Denning

Sam Rayburn Lake is a few miles south of Denning, a small Texas town where you’ll find multiple cabins and waterfront homes for rent. There isn’t much activity in the area, but residents and visitors of this small town take full advantage of the large, beautiful lake and small bodies of water nearby. Fishing is a popular activity among locals, and you’ll see people fishing off boats or knee-deep in any body of water. Popular fish in the area include small and large mouth bass, trout, and carp.

8. San Augustine

Approximately 25 minutes from Sam Rayburn Lake, San Augustine is a quaint town surrounded by nature. Vacation rentals in the area include single family homes and waterfront properties. There are small bodies of water throughout the town where you’ll see locals and visitors fishing, kayaking, jet skiing, or simply relaxing. There are also some beautiful parks in the area for vacationers to enjoy, including San Augustine Park and Harvey Creek Park, which both have hiking trails and small bodies of water.

9. Bronson

Bronson sits approximately 20 minutes north of Sam Rayburn Lake and is a quiet, low-populated area that’s perfect for those looking for uninterrupted peace. Reserve a cozy waterfront cottage or single-family home, and spend your days bonding with your family with little distractions. If you need to stock your vacation rental with food items, head over to DJ’s Groceries or Gateway Foods to get meat, produce, and other goodies.

10. Brookeland

Just 15 minutes north of Sam Rayburn Lake, Brookeland offers the peaceful setting vacationers want. Vacation rentals in the area include modern homes, bungalows, lakefront properties, cabins, and bed and breakfast inns. Nature lovers can enjoy a scenic drive through Angelina National Forest or Sabine National Forest, which are both in the area. Seafood lovers have multiple options for great meals, including The Stump Restaurant and Molly’s Kitchen.