Located near the Alabama border to the west of the Florida Peninsula, beautiful Rosemary Beach and its surrounding area provide visitors with a taste of all the Sunshine State has to offer. Find the perfect Rosemary Beach vacation rental in a modern, master-planned community and enjoy the peak of luxury – or explore a quaint, historic village on foot or bicycle.

1. Rosemary Beach

Located due south of Mobile, Alabama, Rosemary Beach is an upscale, master-planned community that features luxury accommodations and all the modern amenities you and your family require. Vacation rentals are plentiful within this community. Shop and dine in style in Rosemary Beach — or opt for a seaside picnic. Picturesque ocean views make this a popular spot for weddings.

2. Alys Beach

Just a few miles west of Rosemary Beach, Alys Beach is another upscale planned community, known for its pristine design and dining. The homes in Alys Beach are painted bright white in order to reflect the sunlight and keep interiors cool – adding to the towns sleek, marine aesthetic. Aside from its interesting architecture, Alys Beach features family-friendly nature activities including hiking and lounging on the sand — or swimming in a community pool, such as Caliza Pool.

3. Seacrest

Located in the Florida panhandle along scenic county road 30A, Seacrest is a quiet, laid-back beachside community. Swim, paddleboard and kayak in Dune Lakes, or enjoy great views of exotic foliage and wildlife during a hike through Deer Lake State Park. Families will also enjoy renting a bicycle for the day to explore the local biking paths and buildings.

4. Seaside

West of Seacrest, on the opposite end of Deer Lake State Park, The Seaside is another quaint beach community. Continue your bike tour along one of the many bike-accessible trails in and around Seaside, or enjoy the selection of family-run shops and restaurants along the waterfront and in the central town area. Vacation rentals here are family-friendly and close to the water so you can spend your days swimming, building sandcastles, or working on your summer tan.

5. Sunnyside

A suburb of the greater municipal region surrounding Panama City, Sunnyside is a friendly community known for its quiet atmosphere and white-sand beaches. Sunnyside’s Inlet Beach is a great place for couples and families who want a little less hustle and bustle while still enjoying basic beach amenities and an on-duty lifeguard. Vacation rentals here reflect a suburban sense of calm and provide easy access to dining and community facilities.

6. Laguna Beach

A short, scenic drive from Rosemary Beach, Laguna Beach is a small community that closely hugs the Florida coast. Enjoy the small-town feeling of Laguna Beach by patronizing one of the numerous family-friendly, down-to-earth restaurants and eateries — or enjoy food to go while taking in the sunset views from the clean local beach.

7. Grayton Beach

The village of Grayton Beach is a historic town that lies within the borders of Grayton Beach State Park. Known for its relaxed, artsy atmosphere, Grayton Beach provides access to a wide range of outdoor activities. Kayak or canoe along calm inlets, or enjoy a brisk hike through the grassy sand dunes. Surf along the stretch of beach that borders the state park, or ventures further inland and enjoy the beautiful walking trails and bike routes.

8. Sandestin

Featuring one of the only fully-equipped marinas in the immediate Rosemary Beach area, Sandestin offers numerous amenities including shopping, a range of dining, and golf courses. The clear, naturally turquoise-colored waters here are great for surfing, swimming, and boating. The local Village of Baytown Wharf hosts a variety of festivals year round. Book a Sandestin vacation rental for an ideal mix of relaxation and urban excitement.

9. Panama City Beach

A short drive east of Rosemary Beach, Panama City Beach is a popular vacation spot for young and old. This town boasts a long stretch of beach that borders the Gulf of Mexico. Kids love the local public attractions such as Gulf World Marine Park and Shipwreck Island Waterpark. Adventurous travelers can even book time to swim with dolphins, making Panama City Beach a great place to create fond memories.

10. Panama City

Panama City is the largest city for nearly 100 miles in any direction, making it an ideal spot for those who want to enjoy the sun and surf of the Rosemary Beach area without venturing too far from urban comforts. Take in the gorgeous views from the St. Andrews Bay waterfront, or catch a show at one of the several theaters and arts centers within the city. The local marina offers great opportunities for fishing and water sports.

11. Upper Grand Lagoon

For vacationers looking to enjoy the amenities of Panama City without being in the middle of it all, Upper Grand Lagoon is a nearby community that offers easy access to multiple beaches. Go shopping in the central part of the city, then head to the marina, which provides direct boating access to St. Andrews Bay. Upper Grand Lagoon is less than half an hours drive from Rosemary Beach, so you can easily take a day trip out to your favorite secluded spot.