With clean, sandy beaches, upscale dining and shopping opportunities, and a quirky local personality, Rehoboth Beach has established itself as a favorite vacation spot for people all along the East Coast. It’s easy to find Rehoboth Beach vacation rentals to fit any need, whether you’re looking for a relaxing beach vacation or prefer to explore the numerous state parks in the area. Check out 10 of our favorite places to unwind and enjoy the Delaware sights.

1. Rehoboth Beach

Stay right in the center of the action with a vacation rental near downtown Rehoboth Beach. This puts you within walking distance or a short bus or bike ride from the beach and the boardwalk. Traffic can sometimes get backed up during peak summer months, so a short commute lets you get more down. The mile-long boardwalk is the main attraction in this city, with its live music, diverse restaurants and excellent shopping and entertainment venues.

2. Dewey Beach

If you want to stay close to Rehoboth Beach but prefer a slightly less crowded atmosphere, check out Dewey Beach, a small town that lies just to the south. This area does have a bit of a reputation as a party destination among locals, but there are still plenty of family-friendly areas. The beaches are known for being particularly wide and sandy, which gives you plenty of room to stake out a nice spot for lounging. This town also hosts several festivals throughout the year, so there’s always something fun to do.

3. Spring Lake

If you want a more peaceful, secluded spot, check out Spring Lake. This small neighborhood is made up of a mix of single-family homes, condos, and townhouses, but the spacious yards, numerous ponds, and old-growth trees create a sense of tranquility and privacy. A waterfront vacation rental lets you sit on your porch or deck and watch the ducks and other water fowl, while one near the network of Thompson Island nature trails provides walking access to some great, family-friendly hiking.

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4. Ann Acres

Ann Acres is another small, quiet community. Located between Dewey Beach and Rehoboth Beach, this area mostly has single-family homes with spacious yards, so it can be a great place to stay with young kids who want to play outside. It’s also just a few blocks from the ocean, so it’s easy to find a vacation rental within walking distance of the beach. Downtown Dewey Beach is located close to the border of the community, so you can still easily run into town to catch a show or grab a bite to eat.

5. Henlopen Acres

This charming community has an upscale atmosphere without sacrificing the quirky character you’d expect from a beach town. Henlopen Acres also prides itself on being a purely residential community, so plan to head into Rehoboth Beach for shopping or dining. The private beach is usually less crowded than nearby public beaches for a more relaxed feel. There is also a marina in town if you plan on bringing your boat.

6. West Rehoboth

If you’re planning to do more than just relax on the beach all vacation, consider staying in West Rehoboth. This community is the furthest from the beach, but it’s still just a quick drive or bus ride away. It also lies on two major roads out of town, so you can skip the heavy traffic of eastern or southern Rehoboth Beach on your way inland to explore state parks or visit other towns. There are plenty of grocery stores and dining options in West Rehoboth as well. Most vacation rentals in this neighborhood are smaller, affordable single-family homes.

7. The Pines

For a combination of luxury homes and easy access to the beach, it’s hard to beat The Pines on the north edge of Rehoboth Beach. Named for its old-growth trees that create a secluded, quiet atmosphere, this area is still just a few minutes’ walk from the boardwalk. This neighborhood is also just north of Rehoboth Avenue, so it’s easy to get pretty much anywhere in town. Beaches in this area tend to be a little less crowded than those in the southern part of town, and they tend to cater to families rather than the sometimes wilder party spots.

8. Lewes

If the summer crowds at Rehoboth Beach are too much for you, check out the nearby town of Lewes. Located just 20 minutes away, Lewes lies on the shores of Delaware Bay so you’ll still have plenty of beach access. Lewes has more of an old-fashioned feel, with quaint brick architecture and plenty of historical sites, including Ryves Holt House, the oldest building in Delaware. Despite its historical roots, Lewes also offers world-class dining, shopping, live music and more. It also prides itself on being highly walkable, so you can leave your car parked in your vacation rental’s driveway most of the time.

9. North Shores

Sandwiched between Henlopen Acres and Cape Henlopen State Park, North Shores is one of the most popular vacation rental neighborhoods in the area. However, the small size of this unincorporated community keeps things from getting too crowded. There are miles of pristine private beaches to relax and swim at or take a drive into the park to explore some beautiful hiking trails for the day. Due to its distance from the boardwalk and generally slow pace, North Shores tends to be best for adults or for families with very young children.

10. Ocean City, Maryland

If even the heart of Rehoboth Beach is a little too quiet for you, Ocean City offers a more exciting vacation destination. In addition to the popular boardwalk and beaches, Ocean City hosts two amusement parks, skate parks, and golf courses. It also has numerous museums, historical sites, art galleries and theaters for a more cultural experience. Ocean City has located about 45 minutes away from Rehoboth Beach, so you can still head north for a day trip to check out Rehoboth’s famous boardwalk.

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