Raystown Lake is the largest lake in the state of Pennsylvania. Located just two hours from the city of Harrisburg, this lake is a prominent destination for visitors from around the country. If you and your family have ever wanted to visit the Allegheny Mountains, Raystown is the perfect place to start. From bicycling and hiking, to swimming and kayaking, this scenic area offers plenty of activities for all ages. Book an incredible stay at one of many Raystown Lake vacation rentals to discover exciting things to do and points of interest to explore.

1. Mountain Biking

If your child has yearned to test his mountain bike on real mountain trails, Raystown Lake is the perfect place. The Terrace Mountain Trail runs over 29 miles along the edge of the lake, and it is designed for all skill levels. Before you leave your vacation rental, pack a picnic lunch and your backpack and spend the day exploring the remote woods.

2. Waterskiing

Another popular activity on the lake is waterskiing, especially in the Seven Points Marina area of the lake. The waters are typically smooth year-round, which makes for excellent watersports. Young children may prefer to ride an inner tube across the waters. Nothing tires you out quite like a day on the water, so once you are done you can head back to your vacation rental for family game night or a night quiet slumber.

3. Boating

If floating around on the water is more your style, spend the day exploring the coves and region on board a boat. Pontoons are the perfect size for large families. You can also rent a cruiser if you have young children who nap during the day. If your vacation rental has a boat dock, keep the watercraft for several days, or bring your own boat to save money. Rent a boat at any one of the boat retailers in the area, and grab skis and toys to complete your adventure.

4. Hiking

Slip on your favorite pair of boots, and spend the day exploring the woods surrounding the lake. There are plenty of trails to follow, and kids enjoy the thrill of a suspension bridge. As you hike, take the time to point out wildlife, flowers, and various types of trees in the region. Try out the Hillside Nature Trail or the Old Logger’s Trail. The Riverside Nature Trail is located just below the dam.

5. Kayaking

Provide your youngsters with some physical activity by renting kayaks for the day. If you are just beginning, you may want to stick closer to the shore, but older teens may want to paddle out to the deep waters. If you are a seasoned pro, you may prefer to bring your own boat and store it in your vacation rental. Several outfitters are located near the lake that rent kayaks, canoes, and even bikes. The best canoeing and kayaking waters are on the westernmost side of the lake near the Juanita River Water Trail.

6. Fishing

What better way to enjoy a meal at your vacation rental than to catch it yourself. Take the kids fishing along the shores of the lake, or rent a fishing boat and head to a deep water cove. Striped bass is the most popular catch on the lake, through you may find largemouth bass, trout, catfish, salmon, and crappie. The Spruce Creek area is world renowned for its fly fishing. You might even spot some celebrities on the water. If you need equipment, stop by the Seven Points Marina for poles and small fishing boats.

7. Spelunking

Take your kids on an adventure underground and enjoy spelunking at Lincoln Caverns. The ideal place for beginners, Lincoln Caverns offers guided tours, and depending on what time of year you book your vacation rental, you may be able to take part in the Halloween exploration or one of the other annual events.

8. WildRiver Waterpark

Open May through September, the WildRiver waterpark offers thrills and excitement for individuals of all ages. There are two 380-foot waterslides, a white water inner tube ride, a children’s splash area, and a play pool. If you booked your vacation rental for a family reunion, you can have your picnic right in the park. Have the event catered at one of the five pavilions, and then spend the day having fun in the water.

9. Cross Country Skiing

If winter fun if more your forte, book your vacation rental during the winter months and enjoy the snow. The Canoe Creek State Park and the Greenwood Furnace Park both offer cross country skiing for adults, while children can spend the time ice skating or sledding. You can also rent a couple of snowmobiles and speed through the trails.

10. Helicopter Tours

Survey the entire region from a helicopter. Flights can accommodate up to three people, and a typical flight lasts 30 minutes. If you schedule your tour when you book your vacation rental, keep in mind flights may be canceled due to inclement weather, so check your weather app in advance. You can preserve your memory of the trip by making sure you have your camera with you before takeoff.