It’s never too early to start looking at Minneapolis vacation rentals. If you’ve never been to Minneapolis before, it can be challenging deciding where to stay. You want a Super Bowl vacation rental convenient to the stadium, but you might not be familiar with the city or how to get around. Luckily, we’ve broken down the 10 best places to stay in Minneapolis for the Super Bowl.

1. Mill District

The Mill District is known as the historic “birthplace” of Minneapolis. The industrial era is now over, and the Mill District has experienced a revitalization while maintaining its heritage. There’s a great mix of historic buildings, scenic parks, cultural venues, dining, shopping and lodging. While you’re here, visit the “Most Explosive Museum in America,” the Mill City Museum to learn about the city’s history in flour milling. Less than half a mile away from the stadium, walking here on game day will be a breeze.

2. Theatre District

You be in love with sports and the theater at the same time, so why not stay in Minneapolis’s Theatre District? You can wine and dine around the historic Orpheum, Pantages and State Theaters and maybe catch a show while you’re in town. The city has has invested millions in the past decade to bring these theaters back to life, and you can see the results in every inch of restored terra cotta walls, friezes, plaster reliefs, sculptures and murals. They even added a 2,000-pound Italian chandelier to the Orpheum. This is only 1.2 miles away from the stadium.

3. Loring Park

The Loring Park district surrounds the Convention Center on the southern edge of downtown and is about 1.7 miles away from the stadium. You’ll also be surrounded by historic institutions and cultural attractions, not to mention the actual Loring Park. If you haven’t gotten enough exercise going to and from the game, the park is home to biking and walking paths that wind around the Grand Rounds National Scenic Byway.

4. Riverfront

The Historic Mississippi Riverfront is a neighborhood rich in culture, history and recreation. You’ll also find some of the best bars and delis in the city along with beautiful parks and trails. Staying here will put you across the river, but it’s still only a 1.2 mile walk which should take about half an hour. You’d have to take two different buses to get to the stadium, and with all the game day traffic, we definitely recommend walking.

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5. Downtown East

You might not be able to get any closer to the U.S. Bank Stadium than this. With a new resurgence, there’s been an upsurge of new developments, which means more vacation rental choices for you.

6. Elliot Park

This beautiful urban oasis sits right in the middle of Downtown Minneapolis and only half a mile south of stadium. It’s also one of Minneapolis’s oldest neighborhoods, and you’ll see three and four story brick apartment buildings among some of the oldest buildings in the city.

7. Downtown West

Downtown West neighborhood is the core of downtown Minneapolis. The bulk of office buildings in the Minneapolis area are located here along with luxury hotels, restaurants, and shopping. The walk to the stadium is just over a mile, but if you don’t feel like walking, you can take the 19 bus from the Nicollet Mall stop to 7th St S & Park Ave S and walk the rest of the way.

8. Gateway District

The Gateway District was once referred to as “Bridge Square,” because it’s situated at the southern foot of the Hennepin Avenue Bridge. this significant downtown neighborhood was once the commercial hub and government seat of the city and was recently revitalized at the turn of the 20th century. The area is still the historic core of the city, but now with some beautiful places to stay like the Nicollet Hotel, the Hotel Vendome, and the St. James Hotel. Also close to the stadium, your travel time should be about a 15 minute walk.

9. Dinkytown/Stadium Village

Dinkytown has a unique name and a personality all its own. Right next to the University of Minnesota, co-ed life spills over into this neighborhood. No one knows for sure where the name “Dinkytown” came from, but does it matter? This quirky area of Minneapolis is full of live music, mouth-watering restaurants, shopping, and spas. You may be coming for just the game, but you might want to stay forever.

10. Warehouse District

The North Loops neighborhood, commonly known as the Warehouse District, has been the city’s shipping hub for years, but it now a gentrified hot spot. Part of this neighborhood includes the Minneapolis Warehouse Historic District which is listed on the national Register of Historic Places, so you can find a lot of old factories and warehouses that have been converted into condominiums, apartments, and vacation rentals. It’s also only one and half miles away from the stadium which is a completely manageable walk, bike, or short bus or METRO ride away. When you’re back from the game, grab a cocktail at one of the glamorous bars and restaurants.

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