With world-class outdoor recreation opportunities, the Adirondacks are a popular vacation destination. One of the best places to stay is the town of Webb, which is made up of numerous small hamlets nestled among the peaks and slopes of the mountain. Find an Old Forge vacation rental in one of these charming communities and get ready to explore some of the most beautiful scenery in the country.

1. Old Forge

With a bustling shopping district, world-class dining and plenty of outdoor outfitters, Old Forge is the place to stay if you want to be close to modern amenities and outdoor activities. Hundreds of miles of hiking and mountain biking trails start near this small village, and during the winter it provides access to more than 500 miles of snowmobile trails, which is why some people call it the snowmobile capitol of the world.

2. Big Moose

This community lies on the shores of Big Moose Lake and is mostly made up of secluded cabins and historic buildings. Ghost hunters flock to the area thanks to rumors that the spirit of Grace Brown, who was murdered in 1906, still walks the shore of the lake. The lake itself is quiet and low-traffic due to its relatively remote location, so it’s a great spot for swimming and boating.

3. Fourth Lake

Fourth Lake is the largest and most popular of the lakes in the Fulton Chain, and the surrounding community is geared towards water recreation. The shoreline is primarily privately owned, so it’s easy to find a vacation rental right on the water. Many of the homes in this area are older vacation cabins, although there are plenty of newer homes and permanent residents as well.

4. Stillwater

This charming hamlet is located near Stillwater Reservoir, which is one of the most popular water recreation areas. The town itself is small, but there are plenty of cute cottages nestled among the trees. Numerous islands dot the lake, so bring along your canoe and paddle out to explore the area. Pack a picnic lunch in the kitchen of your vacation rental before you head out so that you can take advantage of the primitive picnic sites on many of the islands. There’s also a sandy beach and roped-off swimming area.

5. Eagle Bay

Known for its stunning scenic views and quiet atmosphere, Eagle Bay is a great place for a relaxing trip. A vacation rental with a deck lets you sit outside and sip a glass of wine as you watch the sun set over the mountains, or look for a waterfront cottage so you can look out over the tranquil waters of Fourth Lake. The town is also located in an extensive network of mountain biking trails of varying difficulties, so it’s easy to find a nearby trail that the whole family can enjoy.

5. Thendara

Visiting Thendara feels like stepping back in time. This quaint town remains centered around the railroad and is one of the stations on the popular Adirondacks Scenic Railway. The Thendara Historic District and the New York Central Railroad Adirondack Division Historic District are both located in town, so it’s a great place for history buffs. Find an older vacation rental to really immerse yourself in the old-fashioned atmosphere.

7. Beaver River

If you’re looking at vacation rentals in Beaver River, plan to leave your car at home. This unusual community is only accessible by boat or hiking in the summer, or by snowmobile or cross-country skiing in the winter. Only eight people live here all year, although there are more than a hundred rustic cabins and camps. Plan on getting back to nature if you choose to stay in Beaver River, as there is no electrical service.

8. Moshier Falls

This small community is a whitewater rafting mecca. It takes its name from the nearby falls on the Beaver River, which attracts rafters and kayakers wanting to test their skill. However, this section of the river is often dry, so plan your trip in advance if you want to experience these rapids. The community is mostly made up of secluded private residences, but it’s near shopping and dining options in other hamlets.

9. Inlet

The community of Inlet is located on the shores of Fourth Lake and hosts one of the most popular public boat launches on the lake. There are multiple dining and shopping options available in town, as well as several outdoor outfitters if you need to rent or buy extra gear. Most vacation rentals in Inlet still have a secluded, small-town feel despite the convenient location.

10. Keepawa

This quiet, remote community is centered around Nehasane Lake and is surrounded by stunning, pristine forests. Expect to drive a bit to find much shopping or dining, although there are a few businesses in town. The scenic beauty and relaxed atmosphere are the main draws of this hamlet. Vacation rental options vary from rustic cabins to upscale lodge homes.

11. Woods Lake

Near Big Moose lies the tiny hamlet of Woods Lake, which is a fisherman’s dream. The relatively remote area and small community minimize traffic so you can fish in peace. If you have a boat, bring it along to get out on the lake. There are also plenty of good shoreline spots. Homes here tend to be secluded and scattered.

12. Bardwell Mill

This rustic community is located near Kayuta Lake, which offers fantastic fishing in a quiet atmosphere. Catch some bass or perch and bring it home to cook in your vacation rental’s kitchen. There are not many shops or restaurants in Bardwell Mill, although there are some local artisans and farms nearby. This community is conveniently located on two major roads, so you can easily drive from your secluded cabin to more bustling towns and hamlets.