A reservoir located in northeastern Tennessee, Norris Lake is a sprawling body of water with reaching fingers and arms that give it plenty of coastline at over 800 miles. The multitude of marinas, public access beaches and state parks and forests make Norris Lake the perfect place to escape to for a few days of peace and quiet. There are many Norris Lake vacation rentals to choose from where you can unwind and reconnect with the family. Here are some of the top 10 vacation rental locations to consider when planning your visit.

1. Norris Crest

Norris Crest lies just north of the lake at the Powell River and Chuck Swan State Forest. You can find a vacation rental on the river and boat your way down to the lake or head to the state forest and spend time with the family hiking through it.

2. Springs Dock

Just a little east of Norris Crest, Springs Dock offers a variety of rentals such as floating houses. Stay right on the water, and tie up your boat to your front porch. Spend your days swimming, boating and lounging in the water. Also located by the Chuck Swan State Forest and Norris Lake, you can explore nature on foot or watercraft.

3. Pine Crest

Pine Crest is adjacent to both Cove Creek Wildlife Management Area and Norris Dam State Park. Walk over to the management area to explore the hiking trails or kayak across the canal to lounge on the miles of sandy beach. The proximity to nature makes a rental here perfect for those outdoorsy families.

4. Big Creek

Nestled between the Cove Creek Wildlife Management Area and northwestern branch of the lake, Big Creek offers a multitude of little coves and waterways perfect for kayak exploration. Take a quick drive north to LaFollette for a night on the town and a hot meal.

5. Deerfield

Deerfield lies on a peninsula that extends into the lake, making it a perfect place to settle for a week of solitude. You can relax at The Greens golf course for some adult fun, head to LaFollette for a touch of culture, or boat over the Chuck Swan Forest just across the way for hiking and biking.

6. Maynardville

Abutting Norris Lake to the south, Maynardville is all about the rural landscape and large stands of trees. Stay here to breathe in the peace and solitude of nature and reconnect with the family over hotdogs and smores. Explore the nearby islands, or go hiking in Big Ridge State Park.

7. Andersonville

If you have a family boat, consider staying at Andersonville. Lying along the southwestern end of the lake, Andersonville boasts plenty of lakefront rentals as well as Waterside Marina. Additionally, it’s within a few minutes of Big Ridge State Park for those days that you want to stay on and explore the land.

8. Pellissippi Point

Pellissippi Point culminates at the tip of Anderson County Park making this a great place to stay for quick nature and water access. Finding a rental in this area allows you to stroll to the park, rent a boat at Stardust Marina and sail a few minutes over to the Chuck Swan State Forest for exploration.

9. Norris

Norris cuddles against both the Norris Dam state Park and Cove Creek Wildlife Management Area, a convenient place to stay for outdoor enthusiasts. Give your kids an educational experience by taking them on a tour of the dam or discover wildlife together at Cove Creek.

10. Rocky Top

Opt for a slightly more urban experience at Rocky Top. Not only does this town reach the banks of the lake for waterfront houses and the Norris Dam State Park, but it also boasts a downtown area where you can walk Right Fork Coal Creek or feast at some unique eateries.