Located 10 miles south of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Murrells Inlet is a beloved vacation spot that offers peaceful, waterfront views and a relaxed atmosphere. This small fishing village with a big heart is an ideal getaway for anyone looking for a little refuge from the city, with the added benefits of easy access to the ever-popular Myrtle Beach. If you’re planning a holiday in Murrells Inlet, this top eight list of places to look for a Murrells Inlet vacation rental is sure to help you find just what you’re looking for when it comes to the perfect lodging accommodations.

1. Abaco Cove, Murrells Inlet

Vacation rentals in the Abaco Cove community are just a few minutes away from the MarshWalk. This is one of the most popular attractions in Murrells Inlet. A boardwalk sits along the area’s natural marshes offering amazing views and delicious food. The down-home goodness that comes in a friendly small town await on the other side. Walk along the boardwalk and take in the natural beauty of the marsh, then stop by The Claw House for some live lobster fresh from the North Atlantic.

2. Bell Vue, Murrells Inlet

The Bell Vue neighborhood sits along the estuary that flows into the Atlantic Ocean, with vacation rentals just a short drive away from the beaches on the coastline. Spend the day splashing around on the shores of Garden City Beach, then take the long way home and stroll along the MaeshWalk. Stop by the Hot Fish Club for an outdoor show on the beach and live music.

3. Blackmoorm, Murrells Inlet

Spend some time on the lakes and marshes navigating the beautiful scenery and maybe catching a few fish. This area is just a short drive away from the Crazy Sister Marina, where you can rent a fishing boat and head out onto the water for an early morning fishing trip. You can also sign up fora fly-fishing charter trip with fellow vacationers, or cast your line off the peer and reel in some tasty local flounder.

4. Collins Creek Landing, Murrells Inlet

For beautiful views and convenient access to some of the best hiking trails and fishing waters in the area, consider securing a vacation rental near Collins Creek Landing. Collins Creek runs through the Collins Creek Picnic Area and Park and features picnic tables, scenic walking trails, peaceful waterfalls and some massive rainbow trout. Pack up your fishing gear and visit the creek, or plan an outdoor picnic with your family and fellow travelers.

5. Cypress Keyes, Murrells Inlet

If a day at the beach or many days at the beach are on your family’s travel agenda, choose a vacation rental in the Cypress Keyes area. Cypress keyes is in close proximity to Huntington Beach State Park, a recreational area with miles of sand along the shore, camping areas, picnic areas, hiking trails and more. Fill up your beach bag and head down to the water, and make sure to collect some seashells. When you and your little ones work up an appetite after hours of fun in the sun, pop over to the MarshWalk for some seafood and relaxation on the boardwalk.

6. Flaggpoint, Murrells Inlet

Vacation rentals in the Flaggpoint area sit just a few minutes away from a slew of waterside restaurants. It is also located near the Goat Islands which is one of the most unique attractions in all of Murrells Inlet. Stop by Drunken Jack’s restaurant for some of the freshest seafood around. Head out back to the small island behind the restaurant to visit with the goats that help keep the island’s vegetation in check while making the dinner guests smile. The owner of Drunken Jack’s takes care of the goats exclusively, and, recently added a few peacocks to his mini animal kingdom.

7. Surfside Beach, Murrells Inlet

Bring your family to the ideal vacation rental spot in the semi-secluded part of town known as Surfside Beach. This quiet community is aptly called “The Family Beach,” as residents and visitors alike are family-oriented and there to enjoy the peaceful views and miles of shoreline. Spend the day lazing on the sand and splashing in the waves, then walk over to the Surfside Beach Pier and socialize with fellow travelers. Stop by Bubba’s Fish Shack with a healthy appetite for a bite at this popular staple among tourists and locals.

8. Mount Gilead, Burrells Inlet

The Mount Gilead area is a great vacation rental spot if you want to be in the center of everything. The area is in close proximity to both the Murrells Inlet Tidal Creek and the beaches along the shoreline. Many of the vacation rentals in this area are also located near Murrells Inlet Canal, where you’ll find floating docks and plenty of fish. Take your fishing boat out early in the morning with your young fishermen for some trout or flounder, then mix it up a bit and do a little at jet skiing on the crystal blue ocean waters.