Art galleries are almost better than a museum. Why? Everything is for sale! Not that we can afford it, but there’s something exciting about discovering a hot, up-and-coming artist. The “next big thing” could literally turn up anywhere, making art galleries your window to the newest of the new and the best of the best. Even if you just want to go and look at beautiful art, you have lots of options. Here is our list of the seven most unique art galleries in the United States that you should visit on your next trip.

1. David Zwirner in New York

Representing over forty artists and estates, David Zwirner has set the standard for showing contemporary art. They launched the careers of some of the most important artists working today, such as Luc Tuymans and Neo Rauch, and they also helped raise $13.7 million for Artists for Haiti.

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2. Pace in New York

The Pace Gallery has a number of different locations, but was actually founded in Boston in 1960. It later moved to Manhattan in 1963 and now has locations around the world including Hong Kong and Paris. What makes Pace unique is that is has spaces dedicated specifically to prints and to African art.

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3. Jonathan LeVine in New York

At Jonathan LeVine, art is not limited to the gallery walls. This gallery is dedicated to creating an experimental space for artists with DIY attitudes and sets up mural projects and alternative spaces in the city.

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4. Space 1026 in Philadelphia

Space 1026 is one of the country’s few thriving artist-run galleries. It is a network of dozens of artists who‘ve had studios at the Space, past and present. This creative community presents various works of art across diverse media. You’ll find printmakers pull silkscreens while DJs spin records, plus events, exhibitions, artist residencies, and performances.

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5. Blum & Poe in Los Angeles

Blum & Poe was founded by Tim Blum and Jeff Poe in Santa Monica, California, in September 1994 with an inaugural exhibition featuring chocolate smeared onto the gallery walls. Now in the Culver City Art District, Blum & Poe is still known for high-quality and thought-provoking shows.

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6. Andrew Kreps in New York

Andrew Kreps is the place to see artists putting new twists on old techniques. Everything from portraiture to landscape to still life gets a contemporary make-over. It’s the perfect place to catch young talent on the verge.

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7. PRISM in Los Angeles

Coming from the mouth of the PRISM founder himself, PC Valmorbida says, “[Prism] is not your conventional, stuffy art gallery” This gallery exhibits rising talent alongside street art legends and isn’t afraid of radically changing their space to enhance the art work. The best part is probably three-level roof area.

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