There is something very special about driving down a road and seeing a stunningly beautiful bridge ahead. Plan a road trip ahead of time, and bring a camera so that you can take pictures of these ten beautiful bridges across the United States. You will love their history and the way that they look in their surroundings.

1. Natural Bridge, Kentucky

Forget man-made bridges, this one is entirely natural! In Slade, Kentucky, you’ll find Natural Bridge State Resort Park and its spectacular Natural Bridge. The bridge is composed entirely of sandstone and has stood for millenniums, with some geologists believing the bridge is more than one million years old. Its arch is 78 feet long, 65 feet high, 12 feet thick, and 20 feet wide. This is truly a beautiful, natural, and unique bridge you must visit.

2. Brush Creek Bridge, Kansas

The famous (and former) Route 66, which spanned across the entire U.S., only has one remaining Marsh arch bridge in its path. That happens to be the Brush Creek Bridge in Riverton, Kansas. The bridge was built in 1923 and stretches across Brush Creek. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is a Kansas state landmark. The bridge is narrow, but can still be crossed via car today. Check out this historic structure and visit one of the most beautiful bridges in the U.S.

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3. Perrine Bridge, Idaho

Locals and travelers love this bridge, especially those adventure-seekers. Perrine Bridge is located above the Snake River Canyon and provides year-round BASE jumping access for a little adrenaline rush. To the east of the bridge, and along the south rim of the canyon, the dirt ramp that Evel Kneivel used to unsuccessfully jump the canyon in 1974 is still visible. There are hiking trails around the bridge near Twin Falls Visitor Center, waterfalls, rivers, and lakes to explore on the way to the bridge itself. Check out this truss arch bridge; it’s the eighth highest bridge in the U.S.!

4. Beaver Bridge, Arkansas

Perhaps one of the quaintest bridges in the country, Beaver Bridge is the last suspension bridge of its type in the entire state. This small, 554-foot long, 11-foot wide bridge allows traffic to travel one way at a time. It’s been called the “Little Golden Gate Bridge of Arkansas” and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places in Arkansas. This historic bridge stretches quickly over Table Rock Lake and provides travelers with a sparkling view of the waterfront Beaver Park.

5. Bridge of the Gods, Oregon

Spanning across the Columbia River and connecting Oregon to Washington, the Bridge of the Gods is one of the most unique bridges in the U.S. Most interestingly, the bridge is incorporated into the renowned Pacific Crest Trail, which stretches from the northern border of the country to the southern border. The Bridge of the Gods is where you’ll find the lowest elevation while on the trail. It’s over 1,800 feet in length and, off to the east and west you’ll be able to gaze out at the Columbia river. On a clear day, you may even be able to see Mt. Hood!

6. Sunshine Skyway Bridge, Florida

This gigantic bridge spans a length of over 21,000 feet and connects St. Petersburg to Terra Ceia. The southbound span of the original Sunshine Skyway Bridge collapsed in 1980 after a ship collided with the pier during a thunderstorm, and the bridge was reconstructed. The current bridge design is said to have been inspired by the Brotonne Bridge in France after Governor Bob Graham visited the country and set his eyes on the bridge. Today, the bridge serves as a convenient route to travel around Tampa Bay, not to mention the beautiful view of the greenish-blue waters surrounding you on all sides.

7. Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado

The Royal Gorge Bridge in Canon City, Colorado is one of the world’s highest suspension bridges. Seeking an adventure? At the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park, you can take a ride on the aerial gondolas from the north of the bridge to the south side, then walk down the bridge. Take a peek down and you’ll notice the Arkansas River flowing beneath you. The scenery here is second to none, so be sure to bring a camera and take lots of pictures.

8. Golden Gate Bridge, California

Frequently visited, photographed, and used in movies, the Golden Gate Bridge is a gorgeous structure located in San Francisco. It connects the city to Marin County and offers a spectacular, sweeping view of the Bay Area. This orange-colored, art deco suspension bridge was built in 1937 and is currently open to pedestrians, bikers, and cars alike. It has been deemed one of the Wonders of the Modern World by the American Society of Civil Engineers, so this is certainly a beautiful bridge you’ll want to visit.

9. Bixby Creek Bridge, California

Perhaps one of the most iconic bridges in California, this one is located in Big Sur along the coastline. It stands at a whopping 260 feet tall and a steep canyon carved out by Bixby Creek lies below it. While you’re visiting you might catch a glimpse of the California Condor, North American’s largest bird. The incredibly beautiful and jagged California coastline carved out by Highway 1 will draw you to this bridge, and the pristine land will keep your eyes wide with appreciation for nature. A drive through Big Sur to the Bixby Creek Bridge is an experience you don’t want to miss.

10. New River Gorge Bridge, West Virginia

Listed in 2013 on the National Register of Historic Places, this bridge was also chosen to represent West Virginia on the state’s commemorative quarter released in 2006. In addition, it’s the second longest single arch bridge in the world at over four miles long. Every year on the third Sunday of October, Bridge Day takes over and traffic on the bridge is shut down. Pedestrians can walk across the bridge and soak up the breathtaking view. Visitors can choose from a variety of adrenaline-pumping activities from BASE jumping to rappelling. There are craft and food vendors, music, and much more. In fact, this is the largest extreme sports event in the world! If you plan on visiting the bridge in October, you might want to choose this weekend and enjoy the event, too. Head up to Fayette, West Virginia and check out this beautiful bridge.

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