The words “log cabin” may not immediately conjure up images of a luxurious vacation, but perhaps that should begin to change. While there are certainly plenty of more traditional or rustic log cabin options across the country, there are also many high-end cabins available perfectly suited for couples, families or groups.

Here is a quick look at five resorts across the country that will forever change your perception of what it means to stay in a log cabin.

1. Post Ranch Inn

Located 150 miles south of San Francisco and about 325 miles north of Los Angeles, Post Ranch Inn features cabins that are breathtaking in more ways than one.

The first way is the cabins themselves. The designs are much more modern than what you might traditionally think about when looking for log cabins, with amenities including glass-walled bedrooms, heated floors and stainless steel hot tubs.

The second breathtaking element is the views. Take the “Cliff” option, for example. As the name indicates, the cabin features a deck that suspends over the cliffs of the California coast, making for unbelievable views.


2. Dunton Hot Springs

From the outside, the cabins at Dunton Hot Springs in Colorado have the look you might think of when you hear the words “log cabin.” Everything from the architecture to the tree-lined setting screams “roughing it,” but the insides are anything but.

The resort is also a perfect setting for a variety of activities, such as fly-fishing, spa treatments, yoga, pilates and seasonal fun during the summer and winter.

One of the coolest cabins on the property is called the Well House Cabin. It’s built around a small private hot spring with stunning views of the mountains and a fireplace.



3. Rustic Canyon

Think of this property in the Uplifters Ranch neighborhood of Rustic Canyon near Santa Monica as a cabin on steroids. It’s essentially half log cabin, half luxurious mansion, with plenty of history to boot.

The now-updated cabin was originally built for the 1923 silent movie “The Courtship of Miles Standish,” and in the golden era of Hollywood the likes of Clark Gable, Will Rogers and Walt Disney stayed there.

The actress Daryl Hannah lived in the cabin in the 1990s, and after changing hands it underwent major reconstruction in 2012. The property is now on the market, and not surprisingly, it will cost you. It is listed at $7,995,000.


4. Mountain Lodge

Mountain Lodge in Southwest Colorado offers the best of both worlds — luxury lodging with a more rustic feel.

The cabins include all of the modern amenities you might expect in a luxury stay, such as gourmet kitchens, free Wi-Fi internet, jetted bathtubs and mood-setting fireplaces. Each cabin also features perfect views of the 14,000-foot mountain peaks that surround the property.

In addition to modern luxury, the cabins also feature the style of wood furniture that helps you remember you’re in a log cabin. Many of the tables, chairs and stools found in the cabins have that rustic wood feel, which contributes to the overall atmosphere of the cabin lifestyle.

Mountain Lodge is also accessible to a wide range of budgets. Visitors can book a one-bedroom suite for under $200 per night, while a six-bedroom cabin starts at just over $700 per night.



5. Nick’s Cove

It’s common to associate cabins with heavily wooded or mountainous regions, but the cabins at Nick’s Cove near Marshall, California, put the focus on water. In fact, a handful of the resort’s cabins actually hover above the water, accessible only by walking down a long dock.

Nick’s Cove is also known for its restaurant and oyster bar, which boasts farm-to-table dining options including fresh seafood sourced from nearby waters.

In addition, there are plenty of opportunities to take part in outdoor activities, such as boating, fishing, kayaking, hiking or horseback riding. Guests may also consider taking a motorcycle tour of the area, or visiting a nearby winery.

Make no mistake — when going on a log cabin getaway, there is no need to sacrifice luxury. Whether it’s high-end furnishings or amenities in line with what you’d find at a luxury hotel, there are many ways to enjoy a luxurious stay along with the rustic feel of cabin life.




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