With 52 miles of shoreline and absolutely beautiful scenery, Lake Wisconsin is the perfect family vacation escape. Here, it is easy to reconnect with nature and your family while making new memories. Boat, fish, swim, and hike during the warm months, or ski, snowmobile, and snowshoe during the cooler ones. Here are our top ten places to look for Lake Wisconsin vacation rentals to make your planning a little easier.

1. Moon Valley

Moon Valley, which lies on the northwest of the lake, is happily positioned for easy water access. In a few minute’s drive to the Sauk Prairie Recreation Area, visit Devil’s Nose State Natural Area and East Bluff State Natural Area located on the other side of the lake. Spend a day hiking the trails with the family, then take a late afternoon dip in the lake to cool off.

2. Merrimac

Merrimac, just to the east of Moon Valley, offers a nice stretch of lakefront area for a vacation rental. The small coves gives you secluded spots to settle the family for the weekend with private fishing, swimming, or exploratory kayaking. The nearby downtown area puts some hot food and local eateries at your fingertips.

3. Koepp Road

Koepp Road meanders around a slight promontory on the junction of the eastern Wisconsin River and Wisconsin Lake. Surrounded by rolling hills and farmland, this area delivers the perfect rural placement to reconnect with your family within the tranquility of nature. Spend days swimming or boating in the water, and nights huddled around a fire pit for s’mores and conversation.

4. Tipperary Point

Tipperary Point bisects Wisconsin River and Wisconsin Lake in the northeast, a promontory boasting plenty of lakeside vacation homes. Take your boat out or walk to Happy Hollow Park for a little hiking and nature exploration. The easy access to a main highway, the V, allows you to take a scenic drive around the lake.

5. Poynette

Located on the lake beside Whalen Bay, Poynette offers a marina to moor your boat, and features vacation rental homes with docks. Spend days squirreled away with the family in your lakehouse or get out for some grub at Remi’s Thirsty Moose or Lakeside Grill.

6. Northeast Lodi

If you like a busy place on the lake with plenty of people, opt for Lodi, a tight-knit community surrounded by green space and water. The water canals that thread through much of the neighborhood provide a vast number of rentals with lake access for family fun, swimming, and boating.

7. Pine Bluff

Pine Bluff is the closes thing that Lake Wisconsin has to an inhabited island. The thin neck connecting the peninsula to the mainland produces plenty of lakeside rentals on a secluded, private area so that you can reconnect with the family and lounge in the sun. Take your kids exploring the interior of the bluff, filled with woods.

8. Lake Wisconsin

Located by Pine Bluff, the town of Lake Wisconsin, boasts plenty of woods, rural areas, and a lakeside community. Staying here allows you to have the best of both worlds with access to eateries and access to the water. Take a scenic drive with the family along Ryan Road, which runs along the edge of the lake.

9. Northwest Lodi

Northwest Lodi, unlike its sister neighborhood of northeast Lodi, is a little more rural and spread out; although, it also contains plenty of vacation rentals on the water. Kayak around the lake’s banks, and take your kids hiking along the Ice Age National Scenic Trail for an educational experience.

10. West Point

Lying along the west Wisconsin River and Lake Wisconsin across from Wiegands Bay, West Point is another happily situated community where you can find a range of vacation rentals. Surround yourself in woods or farmland, or opt for the comfort of a lakefront house. Either way, you’re within strolling distance of a range of water activities.