Central Georgia’s Lake Sinclair is in an ideal location between the beautiful Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge and the expansive Oconee National Forest. The easy access to nature and the relaxing beauty of the water make Lake Sinclair the perfect location to plan a vacation. Once you find the perfect Lake Sinclair vacation rental, settle back for some fun in the sun, hiking, and relaxation. Here are the top 10 family activities you can enjoy at the lake.

1. Fishing

Whether or not you know much about fishing, your kids will get a thrill out of it. Largemouth bass, hybrid bass, striped bass, catfish, and bream are plentiful in the reservoir and make good eating. Spend a lazy afternoon out on the water relaxing, reconnecting with the family, and catching your dinner. If you need fishing supplies or some help with getting started, there are several fishing supply shops near the lake.

2. Boating

With over 15,000 acres, Lake Sinclair offers plenty of space for boating. Rent a boat at one of the marinas, or haul in your own and dock it at your lakeside vacation rental. If you have a big party or reunion planned, opt for a pontoon for some family fun, or rent kayaks and explore the multitude of coves. Try tubing — the kids will love it!

3. Water Skiing

Traditional boating isn’t the only activity available for water lovers. Rent some water skis, and get your heart rate up by flying across the water. Perfect for older children, this activity helps harness all that young, restless energy. After water skiing with the teenagers, rent a paddle boat and take the little ones out for their own adventure.

4. Swimming

If boating’s not your style, but you love the water, opt for a lakefront vacation rental where you can sit on the dock and skim your feet or go swimming. Thanks to public access areas, complete with picnic areas and restrooms, you can spend a day at one of the beaches. Let the kids splash in the water while you lounge in the sun.

5. Hiking

Lake Sinclair is just west of the Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge, meaning that you have 35,000 gorgeous acres to explore and 50 miles of trails to hike. For a family with young children, opt for the short yet scenic 0.5-mile pine trail or the 0.8-mile creek trail.

6. Wildlife Watching

Take your children wildlife watching at the Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge. This place is the home of opossums and raccoons, and children especially enjoying seeing the beavers busy at work, or the whitetail deer picking their way through the trees. The 92 species of butterflies give the entire family something to look for, like a treasure hunt.

7. Birding

In addition to the wildlife, Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge has over 200 species of birds to view. Take your children birding while on a hike, looking for the popular red-cockaded woodpecker or red-tailed hawk. Keep your ears out for the warbling of the neotropical birds or the mid-winter waterfowl.

8. Sightseeing

Enjoy the scenery by taking a drive around the lake and down Wildlife Drive. Stop at some overlooks for great family photo ops, and take a picnic lunch to one of the day use areas like Rocky Creek Park. It boasts grills and a playground, so you can enjoy hamburgers and take a play break.

9. Exploring Milledgeville

Take a break from the water and spend a day exploring Milledgeville, which borders the south side of the lake. Take a walk along the Oconee River Greenway, or tour some of the local historical sites, such as the Old Capitol Building or the Flannery O’Connor Room.

10. Eating

While in Milledgeville, stop by at some awesome eateries, such as Brews & Q’s Trail for a Southern-style barbecue or Los Magueyes for traditional Mexican food. Jackson’s Restaurant lies a block from the lake, making it a great place to stop at for a quick bite between boating sprees.