The 25,000-acre Lake Palestine offers boating, swimming, and fishing, the perfect place to escape to for a little family vacation. Studded with small towns and communities, public access areas and plenty of waterfront land, the recreation area offers plenty of nature to explore with just the right amount of civilization thrown in. With all the places available to relax, here are our top 10 places to search for a Lake Palestine vacation rental.

1. Dogwood City

Dogwood City, a peninsula that extends into the lake about halfway down the east side, offers plenty of public access points from Camper’s Cove to Palestine Pines. These access points include picnic areas, restrooms and courtesy docks for a great place to bring the family for some fishing.

2. Highsaw

On the opposite bank lies Highsaw, a little community with plenty of lakefront houses in which to stay. Not only can you take the kids wading in the water at Kilo Landing Park, but you can also jet across the lake on Frankston Highway for a scenic drive with the family along Saline Bay.

3. Emerald Bay

Opt for a cozy lake experience at Emerald Bay, which abuts Saline Bay just across from Dogwood City. Spend the day at your lakefront rental fishing from your dock into the privacy of the bay, or rent a boat from Emerald Bay Marina and take it out for a spin on the lake.

4. Coffee City

Coffee City offers a rural experience with its spread out houses and large tracts of woodland. Kayak with the family around Highsaw Cove or Ledbetter Inlet, exploring the multitude of estuaries. You can also opt to boat across the inlet for a hot meal at the Lake Palestine Grill or the Lake Taqueria.

5. Berryville

Get a vacation rental in Berryville along Fish Bay, and do some serious fishing while teaching your kids valuable lessons of patience and love of nature. The spread out homes makes Berryville an ideal space for a family getaway where you can reconnect with your loved ones and relax or swim in Cobb Inlet.

6. Southlake Drive

Southlake Drive offers easy access to the lake and Chimney Cove, perfect for a boat trip and some family fun. If you want an even more personal experience, opt for a day at Brookshire’s Recreation Park. The park offers family-friendly swimming spots, showers, and bathrooms where you can unwind.

7. Bullard

Bullard lies east of the lake and stretches all the way up the southeast shoreline. If you opt for a rental in Bullard, you can enjoy the quaint town, tour the American Freedom Museum and eat at some great places such as Ribmasters and the Bullard Donut Cafe. Rent a place on the lake and you have easy access to the water and only a short drive to the downtown area.

8. Noonday

Located on the northeast side of the lake, Noonday offers the perfect combination of rural lakeside relaxation and downtown city fun. Opt for a vacation rental along the lake for a quick dip in the water, which also happens to be conveniently close to the Waterpark at the Villages for a little more structure play. For a bit of urbanity, take the short drive to Tyler in the northeast for a hot meal and fun.

9. Chandler

Chandler also offers the same combination of rural and urban life, but on a much smaller scale. Located on the lake’s north bank, Chandler offers plenty of islands and coves to boat to and explore as well as a few parks to enjoy. The modest downtown area boasts a few eateries so that you can head into town to pick up some food between swimming sessions.

10. Teaselville

Located by Emerald Bay and Saline Bay, Teaselville offers the ultimate in quiet, country living. Take a family drive through the fields and wooded areas or go swimming in the County Line Inlet. Rent a boat at the Emerald Bay Marina when the mood strikes, or relax at the Eagle’s Bluff Country Club for a round of golf.

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