Surround yourself with beauty when you visit the spectacular Canadian Rocky Mountains. Lake Louise is the crown jewel of this area: popular with tourists from all over the world, it is surrounded by mountains and is an ideal destination at any time of year. The pristine lake is surrounded by endless forests for you to hike through, creating the perfect backdrop for your family vacation. You will have plenty of outdoor activities in which to indulge, from boating and swimming to hiking and backpacking — but you can also enjoy the beauty of this place from the comfort of your home. The town of Lake Louise has lots of charming shops and things to do, so if you don’t love outdoor activities, you will still be content here. As you start to plan your vacation, consider looking for a Lake Louise vacation rental in these ten popular areas.

1. Fairmont

Fairmont is the only community along the banks of Lake Louise, and as such, renting here gives you plenty of access to the peace and quiet of the outdoors. Get a place right on the water, or opt for a cabin in the woods. Either way, you’re within strolling distance of playing in the lake. Take a break from the water and give your kids an educational experience at the Art of Man Gallery.

2. Lake Louise

The town of Lake Louise lies just two miles east of the lake. Get a rental in town and walk to a number of eateries after spending your day swimming at the lake or hiking in the mountains. During the winter, the town becomes a ski destination, as it is very close to Lake Louise Ski Resort.

3. Field

To the west of the lake is Field, another small community that boasts a number of vacation rental options. Staying close to town gives you quick access to Truffle Pigs Bistro and The Siding Cafe, which are popular and delicious places to go for a meal. You’re not only close to the pleasures of the lake, but you can introduce your children to the outdoors by hiking Mount Stephen.

4. Castle Junction

Caste Junction might be just a small collection of homes, but the rural feeling of the community makes it a great place to kick back, relax, and reconnect with the family. Go on a nature hike up Castle Mountain to view the wildlife with the family, or gather around a fire pit and chat.

5. Leanchoil

Leanchoil sits at Wapta Falls between Lake Louise and Columbia River, giving you all the water access you could possibly want. Go rafting in the river, hike the falls, and swim in the lake, or take a long afternoon exploring the surrounding mountains to really get in touch with your inner nature lover.

6. Vermillion Crossing

Vermillion Crossing is a leisurely drive away from Lake Louise, and is located right near Kootenay National Park along the Kootenay River. When you are not boating at the lake, try kayak down the river. The area allows plenty of solitude, perfect for communing with nature and your family through hiking and camping.

7. Banff

If you want more of a city experience, settle down around Banff for you vacation. This town contains parks, stores, and eateries, perfect for an active family, while being within easy driving distance of the lake. Explore the wilderness on horseback, or enjoy hiking. You can also treat yourself to an indulgent spa day.

8. Saskatchewan River Crossing

Staying in Saskatchewan River Crossing gives you easy access to several rivers in a small valley between Mount Murchison and Mount Wilson. This pastoral setting is perfect for relaxing and fishing. Take the kids on a hike up the mountain, or make a day trip to the lake for some swimming.

9. Golden

Golden is another, bigger town, where you will have many things to do during your stay. Situated along the Columbia River, Golden is the perfect spot for day fishing or strolling around the quaint downtown area. Drive a few miles to the east to spend the morning or afternoon boating on Lake Louise, or visit Yoho National park for some scenic views. Don’t forget your camera!

10. Anthracite

Anthracite is not only within easy driving distance of Lake Louise; it is also very close to Cascade Mountain, Mount Girouard, and Lake Minnewanka. Rent a boat and take it out on either lake, or go mountain climbing. For a family with younger children, go day hiking to teach them about nature and let them explore.