Pack your family up and head to the lake for a week or weekend of fun and relaxation. Lake Lanier is in northern Georgia, and has all kinds of activities that will appeal to families. The lake was created by the United States Army Corp of Engineers, and is now one of the most beloved getaway destinations in Georgia. As you plan your trip and look for the perfect Lake Lanier vacation rental, here are ten fun family activities and attractions that you’ll enjoy experiencing during your stay.

1. Boating

If you bring your own boat to the lake, look for one of the vacation rentals with a dock attached so you can spend as much time possible boating. Sunrise Sailing Club offers sailing classes if you’re interested in learning how to handle a sailboat or rents them if your family has an experienced sailor.

2. Swimming

No trip to the lake is complete without some time spent swimming and splashing in the water. Lake Lanier features 680 miles of shoreline and 23 beaches of varying size. Pack a lunch at your vacation rental and visit one of them. Some of the large beaches have lifeguards on duty during the busy season.

3. Zip Lining

At Lake Lanier Island, test your meddle with a zip line ride along the canopy. After learning how to zip line and reviewing all of the safety precautions, you and your family get your chance to soar above the trees and enjoy the amazing views. When you get back to your vacation rental, upload your amazing vacation pictures to social media so your friends see what you’re up to be jealous of all the fun you are having.

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4. Fishing

Take your fishing gear out of the closet of your lakeside cabin and enjoy a day of fishing. At Lake Lanier, fish from the shoreline or a dock. If you brought your own boat, head out to the lake for the day and find your own fishing boat. Enjoy a fish fry when you return at the end of the day as a reward for your patience and skill.

5. Lanierworld

Lanierworld offers a day of sun and fun for your whole family. In addition to a large beach area, there are waterslides, a children’s play area and water obstacles to climb and jump upon. Enjoy a meal at one of the eateries before returning to your vacation rental in case you’re too tired to cook.

6. Lake Lanier Stables

Grab a carrot from the fridge at your vacation rental and go check out the stables at Lake Lanier. While there, take a lesson to learn more about horseback riding or enjoy a picnic lunch horseback ride. The petting zoo brings animals up close for the little ones in your group and the young at heart.

7. Golfing

Take some time out of your water activities and practice your back swing. Lake Lanier has its own 18-hole golf course, where you and your group play while taking in amazing views of the lake in the background. Most vacation rentals have enough space to store your clubs.

8. Enjoy an Evening Out

Save yourself the hassle of cooking dinner at your vacation rental one evening and spend some time at Sunset Cove Beach Cafe and Club. Take a seat inside or claim a table outside by the lake and enjoy a meal of casual foods. On many nights during the season, they offer live music.

9. Hiking

Lake Lanier appeals to families who enjoy hiking with its numerous trails. From trails that run less than a mile to one that extends 6 miles, hiking around the lake can offer a 30-minute stroll or a couple hours of exploring nature. For a bigger challenge take a longer trail and rest your feet when you return to your vacation rental.

10. Cruising

Spend a day away from land and the little ones by relaxing and cruising on the lake. The Legacy Cruise Series offers two immensely popular cruises. The first is a wine cruise and the second is a cigar and scotch cruise. Enjoy a glass of wine or scotch along with something to eat and live entertainment and reconnect with your family as you tour the lake on an 85-foot yacht.

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