Ready, set, go to Lake Hartwell on the Georgia and South Carolina border for the vacation of your life. The lake extends 49 miles up the Tugaloo River and 45 miles up the Seneca river and includes 962 miles of shoreline. Selecting a vacation rental in the Hartwell, Georgia area guarantees plenty of activities. While you work on your travel itinerary, here is a list of the best Lake Hartwell family activities in the area.

1. Bait a Hook

When your vacation cabin is right on the lake, slip out the back door and cast a line into the water anytime the urge strikes. Pick up rods, reels, hooks, sinkers, floats, and bait at the Hartwell Marina to outfit the whole family. Watch your little anglers reel in their first fish and be ready to take lots of pictures.

2. Row a Boat

Bring your boat to Lake Hartwell or rent one at the marina. Look for any kind of boat you want at the Hartwell Marina, including, canoes, kayaks, rowboats, and speedboats. Most waterfront vacation rentals include private docks where you can tie your boat for easy access. Remember to include a life jacket on board for each passenger.

3. Cash in on a Geocache

Got smartphones? If you have teenagers who want to bring along their gadgets, then geocaching around Lake Hartwell makes a fantastic family activity. Use the GPS feature on the phones to find hidden treasures, take something from the cache, leave something in its place, and sign the cache log.

4. Walk This Way

Put on your walking shoes and hit the trails for a fun and healthy alternative to hanging out indoors. Make it an adventure by taking energy snacks and water in your backpacks. Plan a wilderness picnic and make some videos along the way as the kids find signs of forest animals such as feathers or paw prints.

5. Watch the Birdie

Several species of birds of prey live around the lake, include hawks, owls, and eagles. Challenge the kids to look up the birds on the internet and find out how to go out and look for them. Bird watching works best with binoculars since you can see them from farther away without disturbing them.

6. Wash Away Your Cares

Picture this at the end of a day of hiking or shopping: you walk down the dock of your lake front vacation house and slip into the cool water for a refreshing, relaxing swim, letting all of your stress float away on the ripples. On another day, take the little ones swimming at the Hart Recreational Outdoor Area, along with their pool noodles and water wings.

7. Visit Hart County Botanical Gardens

Wow your family with a surprise visit to the Hart County Botanical Gardens in Hartwell. Experience the exotic beauty of the lush landscaping, statues, quaint bridges, and flowering plants. Azaleas, roses, tulips, perennials, and shade trees welcome you to explore pleasant nature trails. Be sure to take the children to the butterfly garden in season to see the many colorful varieties of butterflies.

8. Ride the Trail on a Horse

If you just want to horse around, Morgan Stables plays along with trail rides and boarding. Join a trail ride to show the kids the countryside from a different point of view. Professional trainers instruct riders and lead the trail rides to ensure fun and safety for all ages.

9. Zippity Do Da Broad River

Leave that civilized vacation condo lifestyle behind when you join the real swingers for an adventure in the wilderness. Get your adrenaline pumping on one of nine zip line lanes that cross Broad River at the Sandbar Canoe/Kayak/Zipline Adventure, located 25 miles south of downtown Hartwell.

10. Sink Your Tees Into This

It’s your vacation; go for some golf. Casually walk the 18 holes and look for some challenging holes on the par 71 Hartwell Golf Club course. There is also a 10-tee driving range if you prefer to just work on your swing. Make it a family day to see who might be your little golf pro.