Lac La Biche is not only a lake, but a region of more than 100 lakes, rivers, and beaches that offers visitors the perfect setting for relaxing and reconnecting with friends and family. The region is dotted with wilderness areas, perfect for getting the kids out and interacting with nature. Here are some of the top Lac La Biche Vacation Rental locations.

Lac La Biche

Happily placed to the south of Lac La Biche, the body of water north of Beaver Lake, the hamlet of Lac La Biche sits in the middle of lake country. Get a vacation rental, and spend your time boating, swimming and paddleboarding. Relax in the privacy of your rental, or venture out to town for a hot meal. Drive a few miles to the Sir Winston Churchill Provincial Park for a little hiking and sightseeing.

Lac La Biche Mission

If you want a private experience, rent a vacation home at Lac La Biche Mission. Hike out with your kids onto the peninsula for some great picture opportunities, or swim in the protected little bay. Add a little education to your vacation by stopping at the Lac La Biche Mission Historical Society.


Located at the northwest end of the lake, Plamondon is all about the rural beauty of Alberta, Canada. A vacation rental here means plenty of peace and quiet time spent with the family. Take walks around the many lakes, or tie up a boat to your rental’s deck and go on daily water adventures.

Owl River

Owl River lies conveniently between Square Lake and Lac La Biche. Although there’s plenty of water around for swimming, boating, and fishing, you’ll want to take time out of your day to enjoy the beauty of Lake County, just north of Owl River. Another nature option is to drive a few miles east for some hiking at the Lakeland Provincial Recreation Area.


Avenir’s a little community that lies just a few miles north of the lake, along a small tributary of the Athabasca River. Take family strolls along the river, or canoe down it to the lake. Take a leisurely drive with the little ones along the scenic country roads for some quality family time.


Built on the shores of Missawami Lake, Venice is the perfect name for this town. Stay here to be within a few miles of Lac La Biche and a number of small lakes and ponds throughout the area. After a day on the water, explore the wildlife of the area with the kids.

Imperial Mills

Imperial Mills in Lake County is the best for scenic drives, and it’s also only a few minutes from Lac La Biche and the Lakeland Provincial Recreation Area. Take you kids wildlife watching in these areas between bouts of swimming and boating, or drive down for a hike around Square Lake.


Enjoy your privacy in Breynat, a hamlet that lies smack dab between La Biche River Wildland and Lac La Biche. Wrangle the kids’ energy in a positive direction with some hiking in the wildland, or teach them the virtue of patience with fishing on the lake.

Beaver Lake

The hamlet of Beaver Lake lies just south of Lac La Biche. It also has Beaver Lake to the south, Missawami Lake to the west and Pinehurst Lake to the east. You have any number of recreational opportunities at your fingertips. Swim, boat or kayak on any of the lakes; hike around the area; or take a day trip to Edmonton to the south.


Hylo not only lies on Tawakwato Lake, just a few miles from Lac La Biche, but it also sits close to Highway 663 so you can jump on a cruise to a number of other wilderness areas or just explore the area. The rural area allows you to kick back at your leisure with your family or enjoy a good book in front of a cozy fire.