Kootenay Lake, nestled within the stunning Canadian Rockies of British Columbia, is a nature lover’s dream. This destination is the perfect place to unwind from your life, and to take your kids on adventures that they’ll never forget. Find the perfect vacation rental on Kootenay Lake to serve as your home base during your stay. Whether you want to spend a lot of time exploring the outdoors or just want some peace and quiet at home, you’ll love the sandy beaches and forested mountains in this area. Check out these ten great family activities in and near Kootenay Lake during your trip.

1. Boating

One of the favorite Kootenay Lake activities is boating, kayaking, and anything watercraft. Not only does the lake cover 154 square miles, giving you plenty of water room, but it’s within only a few miles of several other rivers and lakes, meaning that you definitely want to bring that family boat with you. If you don’t have one, there are several boat rental agencies. Load the kids up for an afternoon out on the water reconnecting.

2. Swimming

Swimming is another favorite activity for families. Plenty of vacation rentals provides private beaches or beach access. If you’re staying inland, opt for a public access beach. Kick back for some fun in the sun and relax from your busy life while your kids splash in the water.

3. Fishing

Even if you’re not an angler, try out fishing. This ultimate in relaxing activities combines a lazy afternoon for you with an educational experience for your children. You can hire a fishing service or charter a boat to take you out to the best fishing spots.

4. Skiing and Snowboarding

The summer isn’t the only season for enjoying a lake. Come during the winter for some truly spectacular skiing. Opt for the adventure 97,000 acres of cat skiing, try some Nordic skiing, or go with a more traditional experience at one of the many ski resorts available. Either way, this Powder Highway of snow makes strapping on the skis the thing to do.

5. Snowmobiling

If you want to explore the winter wonderland of the Canadian Rocky Mountains in a little more luxury, rent a few snowmobiles and travel one of the snow trails such as the North Kootenay Lake Trail or Gray Creek Trail. The former runs along the east of the lake, while the latter makes for a scenic ride.

6. Hiking

Hiking is a must-do at Kootenay Lake. The surrounding peaks and mountains offer spectacular scenery that any nature lover has to experience. If you have young kids that you’re inducting into the joys of the outdoors, opt for the easy Waterfront Trail in Riondel or Pilot Bay Lighthouse Trail. For more challenging hikes, start up Plaid Lake Trail and Mount Crawford or opt for Lockhart Creek Trail.

7. Caving

Caving is a thing, and Kootenay Lake offers a perfect place to start your adventures in the underground world. The Cody Caves, a labyrinthine puzzle of tunnels, is great for a family. The guided tours help to educate your children on geology while giving them a unique experience.

8. Biking

Pack up your family bikes for your stay at Kootenay Lake. Plenty of cycling trails gives you a unique view of the area. If you have young children, try out the bike parks of Nelson and Kaslo, both which offer modest trails and plenty of scenery to interest the little ones.

9. Ziplining

Experience Kootenay Lake in a new way with zip lining. Perfect for families with older children, this activity is available at Kokanee Creek canyon, a short drive from Nelson. The six zip lines stretching over more than 2400 feet gives you the perfect view of the mountains and forests.

10. Sightseeing

If you just want to enjoy the panoramic view of the lake and mountains, take Highway 3A for a family drive. On the way, visit some of the quaint towns and villages dotting the lake’s banks such Boswell, Kaslo, Lardeau, Argenta, Shutty Bench, and Meadow Creek.