When it comes to booking a vacation, one of the biggest decisions is determining where to stay. While hotels may have been the most obvious choice a few years ago, more and more families are choosing vacation rentals as home-base for their next big trip. Here are nine reasons why you should follow suit and consider booking a vacation rental instead of a hotel room when planning your next fabulous getaway.

1. You have space for the whole group

Whether you’re traveling with the family in tow or embarking on a getaway with the friend group, a vacation rental allows you to keep everybody under one roof. No need to worry about pairing off at the end of the night and scurrying back to your own rooms because in a vacation rental, everybody stays in one house together while still having enough space to relax and enjoy the trip. After all, more quality time means more opportunity to create long-lasting memories.

2. You can cook for the family

Let’s face it: that continental breakfast at the hotel will never be as satisfying as the heavenly aromas of home-cooked bacon and eggs wafting from an actual kitchen. One of the most memorable parts of a vacation is the ritual of eating together, and a vacation rental allows you to spread out and cook at home. Not only is this a cheaper alternative to paying at restaurants for every meal, but many vacation rental kitchens are stocked with the essentials such as cookware, seasonings, and condiments, so you seldom have to worry about the details when grocery shopping either.

3. Privacy is oh-so-nice

When you go on a trip, you likely want to get away, and the seclusion of a private vacation rental provides just that. After all, who really likes the idea of sleeping only a few feet away from neighboring hotel guests, with little more than a wall between you? Vacation rentals give you privacy, whether you want to drink wine and laugh loudly without worrying about disturbing others, read a book in quiet solitude, or simply keep your kids’ occasional tantrums out of earshot of nearby travelers.

4. You get off the beaten path

If you’re a vacation rental enthusiast, you already know that one of the best parts of staying in a home rather than a hotel is getting to experience your destination through the eyes of a local. Often times, hotels tend to be clustered together and planted in touristy parts of town, which can prevent you from authentically experiencing your location. However, vacation rentals are often located in regular residential neighborhoods and can, therefore, give you a unique local flavor. This off-the-beaten-path approach to travel is as rewarding as it is eye-opening.

5. You have access to laundry

Gone are the days of frantically stuffing your suitcase, fearful that you’ll run out of things to wear on vacation. A washing machine and dryer are common in many vacation rentals, which means you can launder your clothes throughout the trip. Not only does this make your next getaway less stressful, but it also means you’ll be less likely to pay extra for that “overweight” luggage.

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6. You can bring your pet

Is there anything sadder than driving away from home, only to spot your furry friend’s face watching you from the window? Well, the nice thing about vacation rentals is that many of them are pet-friendly, meaning you can bring your dog or cat along for the adventure. Not only is this awesome, but you won’t have to worry about arranging (and paying for) accommodations for your pet while you’re gone.

7. Vacation rentals have great TV/movie options

Some hotels offer a range of TV channels, but a common vacation rental perk is a homeowner’s awesome cable package and/or DVD player. Being able to pop in a movie at home is especially useful on a rainy day when you’ve got a house full of kids to keep occupied. Entertainment amenities like these give you a taste of “home” at your vacation rentals — a perk that’s especially nice on evenings where you just want to relax without venturing out in the direction of a local attraction.

8. You can enjoy your own pool or hot tub

The only thing better than enjoying a pool or hot tub on vacation is enjoying your own pool or hot tub on vacation! When you have that amenity to yourself, you can dip leisurely and let the kids splash around to their heart’s’ content without worrying about disturbing any other guests. Tons of vacation rentals offer this perk, and it definitely adds an element of extravagance to any trip. After all, who doesn’t enjoy the luxury of a refreshing swim in their own backyard?

9. You can compare all your options in one place

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