It’s time to get smart about your vacation rental. Smart home products help make your home safer, more efficient, and more convenient. These gadgets also have many uses in a vacation rental. They can be used to monitor your property remotely and are an excellent way to wow your renters so that they come back year after year.

The bathroom is one of the best places to use smart home technology. Luxury hotels put all the best features in their bathrooms, so make your guests feel similarly pampered by adding convenience and efficiency to your vacation rental. Here’s a rundown of some of your smartest options.

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Touch-Screen Shower Controls

Treat your guests to a superb shower experience by installing an LCD shower panel. Mount this futuristic-looking device on the wall by the shower, and your guests can set the water temperature, pressure, and steam levels — and even choose music and lighting. With the touch of a few buttons, they’ll get a perfect, relaxing shower every time.

A Smart Toilet

Add a serious “wow” factor to your vacation rental by installing a high-tech toilet. Features include seat warmers, motion sensors that raise and lower the seat hands-free, and LED lighting perfect for middle-of-the-night bathroom trips.

Digital Faucets

Touchless digital faucets are ideal for vacation rentals because they promote cleanliness and good hygiene. They also conserve water and energy by regulating the flow, controlling the temperature, and turning off automatically. Some high-tech units even combine a faucet with a touchless hand dryer, meaning less mess when your guests wash and dry their hands in the sink — a superior experience for them and fewer towels for you to wash after they’re gone.

Smart Lights

Avoid having your guests fumble for the light switch by installing occupancy-sensing switches. These smart devices turn the lights on when someone enters and off after a period of no movement. It’s convenient for them and a money-saver for you. Another smart light option is a touch-screen mirror. Guests can just tap the mirror to activate the built-in LED lighting strips, then tap again to increase the brightness or turn them off.

Bluetooth Sound

Nothing says luxury like having your tunes on tap while you bathe. Install a top-of-the-line bathroom fan with an embedded Bluetooth speaker to offer guests a sublime sound experience. Guests can enjoy their playlists just by walking into the bathroom with their device, which connects wirelessly. They can control the music through a remote control mounted on the bathroom wall. As a bonus, the high-powered fan also whisks away any condensation from the mirror in minutes.

Waterproof Entertainment

A built-in waterproof television is the ultimate luxury in a bathroom. Install one above a soaking tub to provide your guests with a truly lavish experience that ensures they’ll be coming back to your property again and again.

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