Located on the coast of New Hampshire between the city centers in Maine and Massachusetts, Hampton Beach offers the best of antique Americana and modern amenities. With a vibrant boardwalk, which is considered one of the best in America, families with children will enjoy playing games at the beach’s two large arcades, or spending a day on the Casino Cascade Water Slide. For adults, the beach’s art museums and multiple casinos are great fun for both couples and singles.

Moreover, Hampton Beach is home to a number of renowned golf courses that are suitable for beginners and golf veterans alike. The New England region surrounding Hampton Beach features vacation rentals situated near woodlands, marshes, and rocky beaches, providing ample opportunity for outdoor hiking enthusiasts year-round. With most of the towns along the coast dating back several centuries, the Hampton Beach area is a great destination to experience history while enjoying modern amenities. Book a stay at a Hampton Beach vacation rental today. Check out the most exciting spots in and around Hampton Beach.

1. Hampton Beach

The village of Hampton Beach is a designated resort town and offers family-friendly attractions and activities. Whether your family prefers a peaceful fishing trip or action-packed adventures like water slides and parasailing, Hampton Beach has something for everyone. The annual sandcastle competition is fun for adults and young children alike. When the kids get tired of the sand, the village has a great range of shopping and indoor arcades.

2. Rye Beach

A short distance north of Hampton Beach, Rye Beach is the longest single stretch of beach in New Hampshire. The quiet seaside town of Rye is a great spot for summer vacation rentals, as the expansive beach space and relatively small population spell peace and relaxation for families. Even in the winter, the ocean views from Rye are world-class, and the town offers delicious seafood dining.

3. Acorn Acres

A small municipal area within the town of Rye, Acorn Acres is ideal if you’re looking for a vacation rental that’s a little further inland. Just a few miles north of Hampton Beach, Acorn Acres is a slow-paced neighborhood that offers exceptional peace and quiet. For adults and couples who are looking to get away from the city, this area provides a good blend of solitude and access to amenities.

4. Portsmouth

The City of Portsmouth holds the distinction of being the third-oldest city in the United States. Situated at the mouth of the Piscataqua River that forms the border line between New Hampshire and Maine, Portsmouth features a historical waterfront with numerous heritage buildings and docks. The local Strawberry Banke Museum showcases the history of the area going back three centuries, making a great day activity for kids and families. Visitors can also catch a show at the Music Hall of Portsmouth, known as one of the top concert venues in the area.

5. Newcastle

Newcastle, New Hampshire holds the unique distinction of being the only town in New Hampshire composed entirely of small islands. For this reason, boating enthusiasts will find Newcastle to be an exceptional location for marine activities. The mild summer climate makes this small town perfect for picnics or relaxing on the scenic rocky coast, while kids will love the adventure of checking out the local lighthouse.

6. Kittery

Sandwiched between New Castle Island and Portsmouth, Kittery is a busy town with big-city amenities including numerous options for fine dining and shopping, including the Kittery Outlets and many other independent shops. For children and adults interested in maritime history and culture, Kittery is also the home of the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. The town’s history dates back to its founding in 1623, so there’s plenty of unique heritage architecture to explore.

7. York

The quintessential American coastal community, York has an old-fashioned, small town feeling. Less than half a day’s drive from New York and Boston, York is a great vacation rental spot for anyone looking to stay a while and explore the east coast. Within the town, activities include a great beach for surfing and an amusement park on Short Sands Beach that includes an authentic boardwalk arcade and shops where you and your family can watch artisans create fresh saltwater taffy.

8. Salisbury Beach

A 15-minute drive from Hampton Beach, Salisbury Beach is home to vacation rentals as well as a large state park with coastal camping. Famous for its scenic dunes and boardwalk, Salisbury Beach is outfitted with amenities for picnicking, day-camping, boating and fishing. During the cooler months of the year, the beach is a great place to spot harbor seals sunbathing.

9. Plum Island

Plum Island is a peaceful island in Massachusetts, a short drive from Hampton Beach and from the inland city of Newbury. The terrain on this island ranges from marshland to sandy beaches, making it ideal for nature lovers or families who want to spend a day hiking then relax on the beach. Plum Island is home to a diverse range of bird species, so birders amateur and experienced will have a great time spotting rare and exciting specimens. Vacation rentals on the island are plentiful and offer supreme access to the waterfront.