The hammock is back and better than ever. Available in a range of styles and contemporary colors, a hammock is a perfect solution for offering your renters a unique lounging area for them to kick back and relax during summer season. From its versatility to its quick set up, a hammock is an easy-to-install addition to your backyard space that will be an added bonus for any visitor. Let’s settle in and explore a few favorite reasons why you need to add a hammock to your outdoor entertaining scene.

1. They can go anywhere.


When most of us think of hammocks, we picture them tucked between two trees and swaying in the breeze. But the beauty of hammocks is that their varied styles allow for them to be hung just about anywhere. Mayan, Brazilian and Nicaraguan hammocks are the traditional handwoven styles that we normally think of. Hang them between patio columns or wrap them around fence posts.

Short on space? Upright hammocks are great fits for covered balconies or patios for taking in that stellar view. For larger, expansive outdoor spaces and homes catering to larger groups and families, stand-alone hammocks add another element of design and can be easily moved around. Tuck them into hills or set into hidden corners of the backyard to utilize hidden or underused space.

2. They’re easy to take apart and store.


One of the top reasons hammocks are so well-loved is their quick setup and easy break down. Hammocks are great alternatives to providing additional lounging areas for your guests without the need to haul out large outdoor chaises and clunky chairs. Even better, create a variety of hanging locations so your guests can move around the hammock wherever they like. It will leave them with a memorable experience.

3. They encourage yearlong outdoor living.


Hammocks aren’t just summer loungers. They’re great year-round—especially on a screened-in porch or in a sunroom—and encourage your renters to enjoy their surroundings in all four seasons. Taking advantage of your outdoor areas not only gives you more living space to advertise, but your visitors can soak up nature, leaving them relaxed and recharged when they return home.

4. They’re perfect by the poolside.


Spreader-bar style hammocks are (literally) spread out, making them an ideal option for a poolside spot that both adults and kids can flop into easily. Whether it’s hung under a neighboring pergola or with a sleek stand-alone base, a hammock is perfect for your guests to enjoy a post-swim lounge or an afternoon snooze. For a maintenance-free choice, go for a hammock made specifically with outdoor fabric to keep it free from bleaching and disintegrating in the hot sun.

5. They’re inexpensive.


Hammocks are fantastic additions to your outdoor entertaining scene because they’re inexpensive! Styles can go as cheap as $30 to $40, with more premium and custom hammocks going into the $100 and over range. Not matter what your style, there’s bound to be a hammock that works within your price range and decor that will be a proven favorite for guests of all ages.

6. You can easily match them to your decor.


Last but not least, with hammock popularity in full swing, design options are available for just about every home style. For vacation homes in tropical locations, woven Brazilian hammocks with fringe details are breezy additions to sunny spaces. Rope hammocks fit in nicely with traditional style homes, while non-woven fabric hammocks in an endless variety of colors and patterns are ideal for just about any outdoor decor. You can even use a hammock as part of a whimsical, May Day-inspired outdoor scene.



Kerrie Kelly is an interior designer who provides tips and advice on updating your vacation rental patio area for The Home Depot. She writes about everything from choosing new furniture for spring to adding a hammock to blend in with your exterior style.